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Adorable piece of Ceramic Black Dog

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Adorable piece of Ceramic Black Dog

ITEM #: BRU-46654
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  • This adorable black dog measures 12.5 inch (W) ?5 inch (D) ? 8 inch (H)
  • Jet Black color in appearance
  • One of the best artifacts for decorative purpose

The first look of this ceramic black dog reminds you of the charming pug dogs. It resembles perfectly the pug dogs that are pets in many houses. Its short and round body makes it look real. It has a very short tail that is projecting upward. The specialty of this piece is its face structure. It has been carved such that its face resembles the real chubby face of the pug dogs.

You can keep it anywhere in the house as per your choice. It covers less space on the shelf or the table. Its innocence is reflected through its beautifully carved eyes. One more unavoidable important aspect of this piece is that it also resembles the skin pattern of real pug dogs. It has been carved such that folding of skins like the real ones is clearly visible. So hurry up! Get the feel of real pug dog! They are waiting for you!

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