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Antique Fire Screens – Beauty That Can Take the Heat

Are you looking into antique fire screens to add a touch of old fashioned elegance to your fireplace, den, woodstove or office? This is no surprise. You may be thinking that the fire screens made back in the 1800s and 1900s were only made of metal, but this just is not the case. The fire screens that were metal only tended to last longer but would get very hot if too close to the open flames. The main problem with the glass panels of the fancy metal and glass antique fire screens is that glass was very expensive back then and can break easily if the fire screen was placed too close to the fire. Very Different Styles If you are thinking that there was only one style that antique fire screens were made in; you really need to think again on that one. There are as many different styles that these screens were made in as there are colors that they come in. When it comes to fireplace screens, there is not, now was there ever, a one size fits all thought pattern. The artisans who created these works of art made them as diverse in style and design as you could imagine. The color patterns on these antique fire screens are also very diverse too. Size Matters If you are thinking that the antique fire screens were only made in one size, think again on this too. They were made in as many sizes as there were styles of fireplaces and fire pits. This, too, was necessary so that every person… every family could be protected from getting burned while still enjoying the warmth and beauty of that crackling fire. Wide enough and tall enough is the key to keeping everyone safe.
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