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Antique Wood Room Dividers – Understated Elegance of Yesteryear

In years gone you would only find antique wood room dividers that served to partition larger rooms into smaller ones. This is because wood was the most abundant and readily available material to be found. Most of the times these dividers would be used in frontier homes that were primarily built as very large rooms and later partitioned into smaller rooms as the family grew larger year by year. This utilitarian aspect of these room dividers actually leads to their understated elegance. One thing that can be said for these useful antique wood room dividers is that they were built to last quite a long time. Built to Last Another thing that also lends to their elegance is that they can take much more abuse than something constructed today might be able to; reason being that things made back then really needed to last a long time. When our ancestors built these room dividers (or anything else for that matter) it needed to be built to last many years as materials were expensive – plentiful, but expensive. Everyone has seen the antique furniture that was made back on the 1800s into the 1900s and how well it has held up over the years when taken care of well. Antique wood room dividers are no exception to this statement. Simplicity in Action Most of the antique wood room dividers you can find still around are very simple; yet it is that simplicity that made and still makes them so useful. If something is very complicated to use, you will not use it that often. This is why these room dividers were made to be as simplistic as they were; those who lived back in the 1800s and 1900s were very simple folk who didn’t need or want anything fancy.
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