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The perfect Asian home accents

If you are toying with the idea of redecorating your home, you might want to consider a change in theme as well. A change in theme will give your living area a completely new and refreshing look. One of the most popular themes that you could probably explore is one with eastern décor. Asian home accents make for excellent décor, as it is delicate, charming and unique. Most oriental décor is handcrafted and therefore you can be assured that no two things will have the same design on it, making this factor itself a major plus point. You might find something similar at a friend’s house but never the same thing. Here are a few ideas that you can explore: Oriental wall fans These wall fans are probably the most common kind of Asian home accent in the market today. These fans are all handmade and hand painted with motives from the Far East. These bamboo fans come in 3 sizes, large, medium and small and they make for excellent wall décor. Oriental umbrellas These Asian home accents are both functional and decorative. You will find that while these umbrellas have been around from ancient times they blend in beautifully with the modern world. Shoji Screens These screens were used in ancient China and Japan as room dividers. Today they have become more of a room decoration. The beauty of these screen lies not only in the amount of work that is put into it but also in its simplicity. Hand painted Patio Umbrellas If you have the luxury of having a patio and if you are doing up your home with an oriental theme, beautifully painted umbrellas will surely complete the look. Chinese wall scrolls, paper lanterns and oriental paintings Besides wall fans there are other Asian home accents that one can use to bring out that oriental look. Old Chinese wall scrolls on papyrus, paper lanterns in their bright colours with their unique prints and traditional oriental paintings can be used to give the room that final touch and look of completion.
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