For Whom the Bell Tolls…

A merry tinkle. A melodious chime. Or a deep sonorous gong. The sounds of a bell are not only myriad but also give rise to hundred different emotions and associations—the jolly laughter of children returning from school, the lingering strains of a song on the lips of a lovely maiden, or the happy gathering of the community on Sunday mornings. The bells from Wild Orchid will evoke all these imageries and more as you hang one in antique copper finish at the front door, a cluster of bells in the hall, or a chrome port side bell that will also carry a whiff of adventure and the lure of the high seas. The majestic sounds they make in the gentle afternoon breeze are just music to the ears. The Wild Orchid bells are carved from superlative quality metals like aluminum, chrome, or brass and given a long-lasting polish. These bells come in a range of eclectic designs that range from bracket bells to antique finish ones that mimic those on a Captain’s table and from beautifully engraved cluster bells that do the honors as a musical décor items to sculpted dinner table gongs. The bells from Wild Orchid are indeed functional décor items like no other.
Antique School Bell With Polished Brass and Solid Wood Handle Brand IOTC
Aluminum Ship Bell A Fantastic Musical Decor To Enlighten The Moods Brand IOTC
Chrome Port Side Bell Delivers Distinctive Maritime Feel Brand IOTC
Ship Bell A Fantastic Nautical Decor For Outdoor And Indoor Both Brand IOTC
Ship Bell Medium US Navy Perfectly Tuned Melodious Decor Brand IOTC
Christmas Cluster Five Bells Set A Festive Musical Decor Brand IOTC
Brass Ship Wheel Bell Impresses The Visitors At Very First Sight Brand IOTC
Brass Anchor Bell Delivers Real Maritime Feel Brand IOTC
Brass Bell Engraved Captains Table Adds Royal Touch To Working Space Brand IOTC
Brass Dinner Gong Sculptured A Beautiful Dining Area Essential Brand IOTC
Antique Ships Bell With Iron Alloy And Chrome Finish Brand IOTC
Metal Bell Wall Plaque with 9 Bells Design Brand Woodland
Traditional Metal Bell Plaque with 9 Bells 23"Height Brand Woodland
Aluminum Metal Bell with Flawless Artistry 11" Height Brand Woodland
Aluminum Metal Bell with Flawless Artistry 6" Height Brand Woodland
Aluminum Bell with Flawless Artistry(8" Height Brand Woodland
Classic Metal Bell Square Wall Plaque with 9 Bells Brand Woodland
ROPE COW BELL SET/3 With Beautiful Design Over The Surface Brand Woodland
Rope Bell Set Of Three Perfect Choice For Unique Decor Enthusiasts Brand Woodland
16"H Authentic Metal Bell with Tarnished Finish For Modern Decor Brand Woodland
Metal Bell For Classic Decor with Artistic and Tarnished Finish Brand Woodland
Contemporary Rustproof Metal Bell with Artistic Designs Brand Woodland
Metal Bell Plaque Skillfully Crafted with Intricate Detailing Brand Woodland
Metal Bell Plaque 3 Circles with 9 Bells and Attached with Hook Brand Woodland
  • Nice Quilt, Love it will buy again.

    - Cynthia, Florida

  • Great vendor, good quality.

    - Heather, California