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Birds and Animal Wall decor with natural charm

For centuries, birds and animal designs have remained consistently popular products for home decoration. As timeless classics that will never go out of fashion, this stylish selection of Birds and Animal Wall Decor puts a modern twist on a traditional idea. With products ranging from metal turtle sets to farm animal plaques (and everything in between) the diversity of this collection is wonderful. An eye-catching feature for almost any room in the home, this distinctive range will impress visitors time and time again. Whether you want to add some character to your kitchen or liveliness to your living room, this range guarantees to please. Whether you’re an animal lover or not, you cannot deny that a touch of nature adds positivity and personality to the home and that is exactly what you’ll get when you purchase a product from the Birds and Animal Wall Decor range.
Metal Bird Wall Plaque Unique Gardendecor - 13695 by Benzara
Metal Wall Decor Exhibits Special Liking - 63514 by Benzara
Dragonfly Assorted With Bright & Glowing Colors - Set Of 2 - 55195 by Benzara
Classic Walking Turtle Metal Wall Decor Sculpture With Detailing - 57986 by Benzara
Heron - Welcome Sign Large
Loon - Welcome Sign Large
Owl - Decorative Hanging Silhouette
Pengiun - Decorative Hanging Silhouette
Hummingbird - Decorative Hanging Silhouette
Snowman - Mitten or Boot Dryer Holds 8 Pair
Beagle - Welcome Sign Small
Chihuah - Welcome Sign Small
Cat at Play - Welcome Sign Small
Pointer - Welcome Sign Small
Loon - Over Door Plaque
Deer - Over Door Plaque
Cat - Over Door Plaque
Dog - Over Door Plaque
Elk - Over Door Plaque
Horse - Over Door Plaque
Lighthouse - Over Door Plaque
Moose - Over Door Plaque
House Plaque Letter A
Horse - Welcome Sign Small
Cat - Welcome Sign Small
Running Horse - Welcome Sign Small
Heron - Welcome Sign Small
Moose & Pine - Welcome Sign Large
Rooster - Welcome Sign Small
Dog - Welcome Sign Large
Loon - Welcome Sign Small
Moose & Eagle - Welcome Sign Medium
Moose & Pine - Welcome Sign Small
Bear - Over Door Plaque
Timber Wolf - Welcom Sign Small
Cow - Welcome Sign Small
Cat - Welcome Sign Large
Deer Welcome Sign Sm
Dachshund - Welcome Sign Small
Bear & Pine - Welcome Sign Large
Cat Sitting - Welcome Sign Small
Horse - Welcome Sign Large
Bear - Welcome Sign Medium
Timber Wolf - Welcom Sign Large
Deer - Welcome Sign Medium
Deer - Welcome Sign Large
Dog - Welcome Sign Small
Letter Y Large
Santa - Decorative Hanging Silhouette
Schnauzer - Welcome Sign Small
German Shepherd - Welcome Sign Small
Bear - Decorative Hanging Silhouette
Ladybug - Decorative Hanging Silhouette-RED
Cow - Welcome Sign Large
Rooster - Welcome Sign Large
Bear & Pine - Welcome Sign Small
Cat/Pumpkin - Decorative Hanging Silhouette
Running Horse - Welcome Sign Large
Rooster - Over Door Plaque
Boxer - Welcome Sign Small
Buffalo - Decorative Hanging Silhouette
Trendy Metal Wall Gecko - 74780 by Benzara
Smart Metal Wall Frog - 74781 by Benzara
Multihued Lovely Birdie Wall Decor - 55517 by Benzara
Wooden Assorted Set of 2 Panel wall decor - 93832 by Benzara
Aluminum Wall Decor of Little Lovebirds on Branch with Leaves by SPI-HOME
Aluminum Wall Plaque of Birds and White Cherry Blossom by SPI-HOME
Bird Wall Panel 2pc Set by Southern Enterprises
Enthralling Wooden Bird Plaques - Set of 4 by IMAX
In Flight Polystone Bird wall decorative Set Of 3 - 44757 by Benzara
The Colorful Metal Bird Wall Decor - 55539 by Benzara
Wall Mount Aluminum Welcome Sign with Nesting Lovebirds by SPI-HOME
Wonderful Patterned Metal Bird Wall Decorative - 55599 by Benzara
Tin Roof Bird Houses - Ast 2
Hummingbird Wall Decor - Ast 4
Reclaimed Metal Birds - Ast 3
Maisly Bird Wall Decor - Ast 2
EN111902 Stunning Canvas Oil Painting
Elegant Toucan Canvas Oil Painting
Gorgeous Macaw Canvas Oil Painting
Striking Canvas Oil Painting
Artistic Macaw Canvas Oil Painting
ARTAC0436C-REV1 Birds on a Wire III
DCE226 Confident Peacock
ARTAD1369C Professor Dog
DCB071 Buffalo Run
ARTAC0443C-REV1 Patchwork Puppies I
Horse Hand Painted Wood Wall Art Decor by Urban Port
Turtle Hand Painted Aluminum Wall Art Decor by Urban Port
Peacock Hand Painted Wood Wall Art Decor by Urban Port
Horse Pair Metal Wall Decor by Urban Port
Cyclic Frog Metal Wall Decor by Urban Port
Dog On Board Wall Decor in Iron by Urban Port
Raging Bull Metal Wall Decor Small by Urban Port
Raging Bull Metal Wall Decor Large by Urban Port
Bessey Wall Art - Ast 2 - A0214423 by IMAX
Bell Metal Cow Wall Decor - 64434 by IMAX
Wenham Mount - 78200 by IMAX
TY Cowboy Moose Mount - 53118 by IMAX
Dinosaur Dimensional Wall Art - 26514 by IMAX
Rivers Edge Horse Western Cowboy Ceiling Fan Light Pull - 337
Rivers Edge Products Bear Receptacle Electrical Cover Plate - 616
Rivers Edge Products Horse Single Switch Electrical Cover Plate - 662
Rivers Edge Products Bear Fan Pull - 348
Rivers Edge Products Bear Double Switch Electrical Cover Plate - 618
Rivers Edge Products Bear Triple Switch Electrical Cover Plate - 622
Rustic Metallic Bird Sculpture - 59457 by Benzara
Benzara 9" Silver Ceramic Rhino Head - 69542 by BENZARA
Benzara 9" Golden Ceramic Rhino Head - 48607 by BENZARA
Benzara 23890 Silver Resin Elephant Head Wall Hook - 23890 by BENZARA
Benzara 13673 Black Resin Rhino Wall decor - 13673 by BENZARA
Benzara 61201 Resin Bison Skull Wall Decorative - 61201 by BENZARA
Benzara 89840 Resin Deer Antlers - 89840 by BENZARA
Benzara 74182 Resin Deer Wall Decor, Silver - 74182 by BENZARA
Benzara 34479 Resin Bull Dog Wall Decor - 34479 by BENZARA
Benzara 77529 Cast Iron Antler Wall Decoration - 77529 by BENZARA
Benzara 78071 Resin Deer Wall Plaque - 78071 by BENZARA
Benzara 74181 Resin Deer Wall Decor, Silver - 74181 by BENZARA
Benzara 73931 Resin Horse Head Tabletop - 73931 by BENZARA
Benzara 26078 Resin Ram Head Wall Decor, Brown - 26078 by BENZARA
Benzara 74178 Resin Deer Wall Decor, Golden - 74178 by BENZARA
Benzara 70886 Metal Antelope Head, Silver - 70886 by BENZARA
Benzara 72778 Metal Deer Head, Brass - 72778 by BENZARA
Benzara 78072 Resin Deer Wall Plaque - 78072 by BENZARA
Benzara 35585 Resin Deer Head Wall Art, Golden - 35585 by BENZARA
Benzara 72777 Metal Deer Head, Brass - 72777 by BENZARA
Benzara 74176 Resin Deer Wall Decor, Golden - 74176 by BENZARA
Benzara 78074 Resin Rhino With Base - 78074 by BENZARA
Benzara 66136 Resin Deer Head Wall Decoration - 66136 by BENZARA
Benzara 49842 Resin Rhino Wall Decoration - 49842 by BENZARA
Benzara 49839 Resin Antelope Wall Decoration - 49839 by BENZARA
Benzara 73131 Metal Aluminum Bull Head - 73131 by BENZARA
Benzara 43283 Resin Elephant Wall Decoration - 43283 by BENZARA
Benzara 25396 Porcelain And Ceramic Bird Wall Decor, Bronze - 25396 by BENZARA
Benzara 35593 Resin Ram Wall Decor, Golden - 35593 by BENZARA
Benzara 61200 Resin Bison Skull Wall Decorative - 61200 by BENZARA
Benzara 68155 Resin Ram Wall Decoration - 68155 by BENZARA
Benzara 66862 Metal Gazelle Head Wall Decoration, Silver - 66862 by BENZARA
Benzara 63897 Resin Animal Skull Wall Decor - 63897 by BENZARA
Benzara 66137 Resin Gazelle Head Wall Decoration - 66137 by BENZARA
Benzara 73634 Resin Deer Wall Decor, Silver - 73634 by BENZARA
Benzara 63896 Resin Deer Head Wall Decor - 63896 by BENZARA
Benzara 26082 Resin Ram Head Wall Hook, Brown - 26082 by BENZARA
Benzara 60598 Resin Wall Decor, Rust White - 60598 by BENZARA
Benzara 70884 Metal Deer Head Nickel - 70884 by BENZARA
Benzara 71674 Wood Decoration - 71674 by BENZARA
Benzara 34480 Resin Bull Head Wall Decor Rust, Gray - 34480 by BENZARA
Benzara 35591 Resin Deer Wall Decor, Golden - 35591 by BENZARA
Benzara 71672 Wood Decoration - 71672 by BENZARA
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    - Cynthia, Florida

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    - Heather, California