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Using coastal decor to complete a nautical theme

Nautical themes and coastal decors are timeless as they don’t change with the season. This theme lasts as long as you don’t tire of it. Coastal décor brings back with it memories of long summer days spent on the beach and generally give your home a very breezy feel to it. And the best part about a nautical theme is that it is fairly easy to pull off. Let’s see how: Furniture While a nautical theme does not need any particular kind of furniture in particular, you can accentuate the coastal décor look by using stripped slip covers for your furniture. You can even use slip covers that have coastal patterns on them. For furniture that is made of wood, choose pieces that are pale and milky in color. Using chipped paint added to the weathered look that goes well with the theme. You can even go one step further and choose knobs in the shape of sea creatures Wall and accessories For a nautical theme to work well the color of your walls is very important. Choose colors like light yellow, light blue and white. These colors blend in beautifully with a coastal décor theme. Accessories also play a large role in pulling off this theme. Bowls filled with shells, lamps made out of shells, fish nets, ship wheels etc. all add charm to the living area is placed well. Lighting Lighting is also one of the most important elements for this kind of décor. Table and floor lamps are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from starfish to anchors etc. Windows Window treatments add their own charm. For a nautical feel it would be best to use curtains that are light and airy. A navy blue and white stripped fabric would be ideal for that ocean feel.
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