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Contemporary Bath Vanities for the refreshing feel

Interior design is often a mix of the old and new, or the orient and the occident. Every member of a family may not share the same taste or views paving way for the mix. The old style generally is quiet, beautiful and reserved while the new ones are more expressive, bold and edgy. Between the two styles, they have vast differences but are equally stunning. Individual members of a family would lean to either the old or new styles, but when a collective decision becomes necessary; it is the mix that generally wins. Contemporary bath vanities are also subject to this phenomenon. Antique Vs. Contemporary Bath Vanities The age of the antique, condition, utility and rarity are among the major features that classify its antiqueness. Antiques have a history behind them and are often part of family heirlooms. Your selection therefore can be influenced by your leaning towards history and the values attached to history. Another facet of antiques is the items of furniture that is passed on from one generation to the other – the value of these are far beyond pieces of wood or metal holding them together. Each piece will be holding its own story. Contemporary styles tend to look fresh and new and is more in tune with the times meaning the current era or modern design. Contemporary bath vanities also have the ability to make an unparalleled statement. Bath cabinets, double sinks, double vanities etc. can add flavour to the contemporary bath vanities. Contemporary for chic styles Glass, unusual sinks mounted atop glass countertop, unique shapes of sink – a square or a triangle provide the new look and the efficiency, elegance or style are not compromised. Antique or contemporary your bathroom can be spruced up to bring about a chic style and stand as an oasis for you prepare yourself for the day and set out with that fresh feel.
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