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Choosing cotton curtain panels

Putting up the right kind of curtains for your home is a decision that is far from easy. There are a number of things that you would need to consider, like the fabric used, the colour, the style, the cost etc. All of these can prove to be quite challenging. However if you are looking for curtains for say your kid’s room, play area or study, durability and easy maintenance will be on the top of your requirement from the curtains that you choose. Recommended? Cotton curtain panels. And the best part of these curtains is that they readily available in the market. So there’s no buying of fabric and then getting them stitched. Just buy the curtains and hang them up! Getting the right size of cotton curtain panel to drape your window Readymade cotton curtain panels are sold in standard sizes. However measuring your windows and doors is always a good idea before you make a purchase. Here’s how it is done: Step one would be to decide on the kind of curtain rod that you would like to use. Standard curtain rods hang 6 inches above a window and they protrude on either side by at least a couple of inches. Step two would be measuring the length of the curtains. The length of the curtain is taken from the top of the curtain rod to the bottom (till the point where the curtain needs to end) While doing this you need to take into account the kind of heading that the curtain is going to have. The width of the curtains is simply the length of the curtain rods, including the holder. Once you have these details you can decide on the number of panels that you need to buy depending on the effect that you would like to create. Heading options for cotton curtain panels Pencil pleats: These kinds of curtains are perhaps the most common kind. In this kind of heading the curtain is gathered into neat folds or pleats at the top with the help of a tape that is stitched onto the back. Tab type: These are simple panels with tabs or loops at the top through which the curtain rod slides. Ring type: The ring or eyelet type of curtains is probably the most popular style at the moment. For this kind of heading there are metal rings that are punched in the top of the curtain through which the curtain rod is inserted.
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