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Alluring Piece of Old Resin Sewing Machine

ITEM #: BRU-1082556
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  • Brand: Benzara
  • Dimension: 4 (L) X 10 (W) X 7 (H) Inch

  • The old resin piece of sewing machine reflects those days when it used to be very common in every household, shops etc. Earlier, most of the people used to sew their own clothes and hence it was like a necessity in everyones life. With advancement in technologies, it was replaced with innovative sewing machines and that too only at restricted places like factories and shops. This resin machine is carved so nicely that it looks as the real sewing machine. Every part of the machine is featured nicely and clearly with the base on which the main components lie, the handle, the thread holders, pins etc.You can place it in your house as an artifact. You will not find much difference between the real and the resin sewing machine if you see closely. So don't you want to take home and show it to your kids or friends This artifact will surely give your house a vintage look!
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