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Decorative bowls are perfect for any room

An eye catching centrepiece for a coffee table, these decorative bowls are bold and beautiful. Specifically designed to add vivacity to a furniture piece, these striking ornamental bowls are as pretty as they are practical. Available in a diversity of sizes, these decorative bowls will suit your room perfectly, no matter what its size. Whether you have a large coffee table in the centre your lounge or a small cabinet in the corner, these intricately designed bowls will make for a magnetizing feature. Ideal for holding fruit, pot puree or any ornamental material, these bowls can be used for show or convenience. Furthermore, because they are offered in both traditional and classic styles, every home can benefit from having one of these tasteful decorative bowls. Sometimes, it’s the small things that make a big difference and that is exactly the case for these products.

Home Decor Scallop Glass Bowl on top of Standing Frog Design - 68502 by Benzara
Home Decor ? Oval Glass Bowl on Multi Leaf Metal Base Design - 68507 by Benzara
Home Decor ? Round Glass Bowl on Metal Stand w/ Multi Leaf Design - 68526 by Benzara
Contemporary Aluminum Bowl With Curvy Bottom And Silvery Shine - 30874 by Benzara
Ceramic Bowl Versatile FloralDecor - 40819 by Benzara
Stylish And Elegant Teakwood Small Size Bowl In Light Weight - 38437 by Benzara
Aluminum Bowl With Simple And Elegant Design (Set Of 2) - 27461 by Benzara
High Quality Teak Wood Bowl With Minimalist Design In Medium Size - 38438 by Benzara
Aluminumdecorative Bowl For Modern Look With Elegant Curves - 27454 by Benzara
High Quality Teak Wood Bowl In Large Size With Spectacular Shaped - 38439 by Benzara
Poly Stone Long Bowl with Capiz Shells - 50136 by Benzara
Elegant Carved Ceramic Peacock Bowl White
Elegant & Beautiful Ceramic Bowl in White Large
Elegant & Beautiful Ceramic Bowl in White Small
The Cool Glass Bowl Metal Stand - 68545 by Benzara
The Stunning Stainless Steel Leather Handle Bowl - 38098 by Benzara
The Larger Than Life Capiz Bowl - 50148 by Benzara
Set Of Two Terrific Aluminium Gld Bowl - 22039 by Benzara
Fascinating Styled Wonderful Decorative Bowl by Butler Specialty
Lustrous Set Of 3 Aluminum Pedestal Bowl - 14619 by Benzara
Cute And Timeless Set Of 3 Aluminum Footed Dish - 14628 by Benzara
Surprisingly Different Wood Boat Bowl - 20438 by Benzara
Simply Distinctive Aluminumdecorative Bowl Set Of 2 - 24104 by Benzara
Awesome Aluminumdecorative Oval Bowl Set Of 2 - 24105 by Benzara
Stylish Aluminumdecorative Oval Bowl Set Of 2 - 24107 by Benzara
Brilliant Aluminumdecorative Oval Bowl Set Of 2 - 24108 by Benzara
Customary Styled Fancy Teak Small Bowl - 59217 by Benzara
Contemporary Styled Teak Medium Bowl - 59218 by Benzara
Wonderful Contemporary Styled Teak Large Bowl - 59219 by Benzara
Classy Styled Polystone Leaf Bowl - 62326 by Benzara
Amazing Styled Metal Glass Bowl - 68552 by Benzara
Aluminum Octopus With Tentacle Support Decor Bowl by SPI-HOME
SPI HOME Cast Iron Twig Bowl Decorative Piece in Silver
Silver Colored Cast Iron Branch Bowl by SPI-HOME
Royal and Appealing Pena Pedestal Bowl by IMAX
Fascinating Macaque Teakwood Long Bowl by IMAX
Elegant Styled Macaque Small Teakwood Bowl by IMAX
Graceful Styled Macaque Large Teakwood Bowl by IMAX
Classy Unique Styled Large Glass Web Bowl by IMAX
Amazing Customary Styled Keops Glass Bowl by IMAX
Customary Styled Fancy Vortex Glass Bowl by IMAX
Modern Art Moody Swirl Glass Bowl by IMAX
Artistically Designed Talbot Glass Bowl by IMAX
Attractive Ravenna Glass Bowl by IMAX
Enticing Kai Cutwork Bowl by IMAX
Timeless and Ageless Aluminum Oval Bowl - 14714 by Benzara
Natural Wood Ship Bowl - 20820 by Benzara
Decorative Wood Carved Bowl - 20829 by Benzara
Astonishing Steel Double Wall Bowl - 20864 by Benzara
Simple Aluminum Elongated Bowl - 27587 by Benzara
Timeless Ceramic Frog Bowl - 40853 by Benzara
Distinctive Ceramic Frog Bowl - 40855 by Benzara
Timeless Ceramic Bird Bowl - 40856 by Benzara
Rivetingly Styled Ceramic Turtle Bowl - 40857 by Benzara
Exquisite Aluminum Long Leaf Bowl - 47538 by Benzara
Striking Metal Planter Bowl Set Of 3 - 49178 by Benzara
Remarkably Styled Metal Embossed Bowl - 49181 by Benzara
Alluringly Styled Metal Oval Bowl - 65468 by Benzara
Cool And Beautiful Aluminum Shell Bowl - 22224 by Benzara
Breathtaking Aluminum Oval Bowl Set Of 2 - 22228 by Benzara
IMAX Elegant CKI Mukkara Leaf Bowl Decor
IMAX Sublime Orla Teakwood Long Bowl
IMAX Classy Hicks Aluminum Antler Bowl
Stunning Perry Pedestal Bowl
Calista Short Bowl with Metal Handle
Modish Elnora Wide Bowl with Metal Handle
Multipurpose Tiffany Glass Bowl
Scintillating Hasen Glass Bowl
Marquette Floral Glass Bowl
Essentials Celebrations Glass Bowl
Wonderful & Unique Aria Glass Bowl
Captivating Istanbul Glass Bowl
Lovely Essentials White Glass Bowl
IMAX Classic Beldon Pedastal Bowl Home Decorative
IMAX Palencia Recycled Glass Bowl Decor
Artistically Crafted Nesting Bowls - Set of 3
Barker Spherical Bowls - Set of 2
IMAX Designer Carpacia Coral Bowl (Set of 2)
Kawayan Boat Bowls - Set of 3
Copper-Plated Bowls - Set of 2
Davidson Aluminum Coral Bowls - Set of 2
Lindi Aluminum Bowls - Set of 3
Links Decorative Bowls - Set of 2
IMAX Julian Wood Pedestal Bowls (Set of 2)
Set of 2 Amazing Belcove Glass Bowls
Set of 3 Superb Arena Glass Bowls
Set of 3 Excellent Doge Glass Bowls
Wonderful Ava Wavey Bowls - Set of 3
IMAX Florina Milk Glass Bowl with Bird Figurine
Stunning Set Of Two Glass Leaf Bowl - 18244 by Benzara
Aluminum Leaf Bowl Set Of 2 - 37023 by Benzara
Attractive Aluminum Turtle Bowl 3 Assorted - 37036 by Benzara
37795 Teak Wood Aluminum Bowl - 37795 by Benzara
39183 Teak Wood Ship Bowl - 39183 by Benzara
Teak wood ship bowl - 39184 by Benzara
Set Of 3 Teak Wood Bowl - 39185 by Benzara
Unique Teak Wood Aladdin Bowl - 39186 by Benzara
42020 Teak Wood Leaf Bowl - 42020 by Benzara
Teak Wood Resin Bowl - 42026 by Benzara
Teak Wood Bowl - 42027 by Benzara
Ceramic Seashell Bowl s/2 - 44774 by Benzara
Teak Wood Footed Bowl - 50847 by Benzara
Great Ceramic Silver Bowl Set of 2 12" 16"W - 59752 by Benzara
Set Of Two Stylish Metal Bowls - 65474 by Benzara
74676 Polyresin White Marble Long Bowl - 74676 by Benzara
Ceramic Whale Bowl - 76289 by Benzara
Glass Pearl Bowl With Stand - 80550 by Benzara
Glass Ginger Bowl With Stand - 80551 by Benzara
Glass Ginger Bowl - 80552 by Benzara
Glass Pearl Bowl - 80553 by Benzara
Glass Silver Bowl With Stand - 80560 by Benzara
Glass Brown Turquoise Bowl With Stand - 80566 by Benzara
80567 Glass Leaf Bowl 2 Assorted - 80567 by Benzara
Glass Leaf Bowl 2 Assorted - 80568 by Benzara
Glass Leaf Bowl 2 Assorted - 80569 by Benzara
Classy Glass Brown Rim Bowl With Stand - 80571 by Benzara
Attractive Glass Footed Brown Bowl - 82756 by Benzara
Metal Bowl Set Of 2 - 90854 by Benzara
Attractive Metal Bowl Set Of 2 - 90855 by Benzara
Exclusive Metal Bowl Set Of 3 - 90857 by Benzara
Extravagant Mango Wood Pedestal Bowl
Pretty Rowan Metal Bowl
Superb Valton Hammered Metal Bowls - Set of 2
The Urban Port Enticing Indus Wooden Bowl
Unique Aluminum Wood Serving Bowl - 37686 by Benzara
Startling PS Shell Bowl - 41117 by Benzara
Astonishing PS Shell Bowl - 41118 by Benzara
Surprising PS Shell Bowl - 41119 by Benzara
Amazing PS Shell Bowl - 41120 by Benzara
Magnificent Glass Bowl Green - 58999 by Benzara
Splendid Glass Bowl Blue - 59001 by Benzara
Stylish Metal Copper Bowls Set Of 3 - 65551 by Benzara
Classy Metal Gold Bowls Set Of 3 - 65552 by Benzara
Exclusive Metal Silver Bowls Set Of 3 - 65553 by Benzara
Elegant Glass Bowl Metal Silver Stand - 68556 by Benzara
Chic Glass Bowl Metal Silver Stand - 68559 by Benzara
Modish Glass Bowl Metal Silver Stand - 68562 by Benzara
Exclusive Glass Bowl Metal Stand Silver - 68568 by Benzara
68879 Unique Aluminum Wood Antler Bowl - 68879 by Benzara
Exclusive Aluminum Wood Antler Bowl - 68880 by Benzara
68882 Unique Aluminum Wood Antler Bowl - 68882 by Benzara
Distinctive Aluminum Wood Antler Bowl - 68883 by Benzara
Vintage Themed Teak Bowl - 75551 by Benzara
Customary Teak Bowl - 75552 by Benzara
Classy Teak Bowl - 75553 by Benzara
Charming Teak Rustic Bowl - 75554 by Benzara
Enthralling Set Of Two Teak Decor Bowl - 75556 by Benzara
Enticing Set Of Three Teak Decor Bowl - 75557 by Benzara
Awesome Glass Bowl With Metal Stand - 68555 by Benzara
Tremendous Glass Bowl With Metal Stand - 68558 by Benzara
Attractive Glass Bowl With Metal Stand - 68567 by Benzara
Appealing Wood Stainless Steel Bowl - 98068 by Benzara
Alluring Wood Stainless Steel Horn Bowl - 98069 by Benzara
Abaco Teak and Aluminum Bowls - Set of 2
Kennedy Bowls - Ast 3
Water's Edge Glass Bowl
Sam the Skeleton with Candy Bowl
Sophie Glass Bowls - Set of 2
Celebration Glass Bowls - Set of 2
Ocho Rios Glass Bowl
Charisma Glass Bowl
Valenciano Glass Bowls - Set of 2
Bali Gold Glass Bowl
Nora Glass Bowl
Anguilla Glass Bowl
Gold Hex Glass Bowl
Lumina Glass Bowl
Oblong Bird Bowls - Set of 2
Blue Sea Fan Glass Bowl
Benzara 40441 Classy Shell Bowl
Benzara 17910 Artistic Ceramic Pierced Bowl
Benzara 48642 Gorgeous Ceramic Pierced Bowl
Benzara 88183 Modish Glass Bowl
Benzara 41927 Stylish Glass Bowl
Benzara 41926 Marvelous Glass Bowl
Benzara 53478 Classy Resin Bowl Decoration
Benzara 69551 Artistic Ceramic Bowl
Benzara 31129 Well-Crafted Bowl
Benzara 69582 Astonishing Ceramic Bowl
Benzara 69087 Useful Ceramic Bowl Pierced
Benzara 48647 Chic Ceramic Pierced Bowl
Benzara 41921 Marvelous Glass Bowl
Benzara 74490 Amazing Ceramic Bowl
Benzara 35104 Designer Pierced Ceramic Bowl
Benzara 74402 Astonishing Ceramic Bowl
Benzara 36027 Innovative Aluminum Bowl, Silver and Gold
Benzara 48613 Enthralling Ceramic Leaf Bowl
Benzara 38060 Astonish Swirl Glass Bowl
Benzara 58705 Useful Metal Double Pet Bowl
Benzara 41923 Impressive Glass Bowl
Benzara 17908 Artistic Ceramic Pierced Bowl
Benzara 74403 Remarkable Ceramic Bowl
Benzara 69581 Chick Ceramic Bowl
Benzara 62590 Stylish Ceramic Bowl
Benzara 12321 Gleaming Glass Votive Deep Bowl
Benzara 58706 Appealing Metal Double Pet Bowl
Benzara 27572 Striking Ceramic Footed Bowl
Benzara 15855 Stunning Ceramic Bowl Pierced
Benzara 72730 Alluring Metal Bowl on Stand
Benzara 28370 Chic Ceramic Bowl
Benzara 74401 Extraordinary Ceramic Bowl
Benzara 16546 Shining Leaf Tray Decoration
Benzara 71647 Magnificent Ceramic Footed Bowl
Benzara 41928 Amazing Glass Votive Deep Bowl
Benzara 77332 Attractive Ceramic Bowl
Benzara 77366 Beautiful Ceramic Bowl
Benzara 15838 Attractive Ceramic Bowl Pierced
Benzara 81107 Astonishing Resin Bowl
Benzara 20414 Attractive Ceramic Bowl
Benzara 38062 Daze Swirl Glass Bowl
Benzara 94812 wonderful ceramic bowl decoration
Benzara 12315 Sparkling Glass Votive Deep Bowl
Benzara 41922 Spectacular Glass Bowl
Benzara 15853 Gorgeous Ceramic Bowl Pierced
Benzara 45831 Impressive Plated Ceramic Pierced Bowl
Benzara 41919 Amazing Glass Bowl
Benzara 62589 Astonishing Ceramic Bowl
Benzara 16545 Glowing Leaf Tray Decoration
Benzara 36029 Novel Aluminum Bowl, Silver and Gold
Benzara 48687 Classy Pierced Bowl
Ceramic Shell Decorative Bowl
Decorative Bowls - Set Of 2
Notable Wood Bowls - Set Of 3
Cambria Small Oversized Glass Decorative Bowl On Stand
Songbird Enamel Bowls - Set Of 5
Verona Cutwork Ceramic Decorative Bowl
Praia Coral Decorative Bowl
Pedestal Decorative Bowl
Peculiar Pedestal Bowl
Classy Ceramic Decorative Bowls - Set Of 2
Cambria Large Oversized Glass Decorative Bowl On Stand
Alluring Serving Bowls
Nova Decorative Bowls - Set Of 3
Bamboo Popcorn Bowl
Clear Glass Bowl With Metallic Base - 68581 by Benzara
Antiqued Wooden Aluminum Bowl, Brown And Golden - 68976 by Benzara
Antiqued Oval Bowl Small - 49235 by Benzara
Wonderfully Styled Metal Bowls, Set Of 2 - 49200 by Benzara
Set Of 3 Metallic Wire Bowl - 68981 by Benzara
Rustic And Classic Metal Oval Bowl - 49234 by Benzara
Opulent Glass 3 Bowl Holder - 68583 by Benzara
Glass Metal Triple Bowls, Interior Accent Bowls - 68582 by Benzara
Black Large Glass Bowl With Stand Centerpiece Bowl - 68585 by Benzara
Achromatic Bowl With Metallic Base - 68580 by Benzara
Decorous Metal Glass Bowl - 68584 by Benzara
Benzara 13" Aqua and Red Glass Bowl - 22968 by BENZARA
Benzara 53585 9" Green and White Ceramic Bowl - 53585 by BENZARA
Benzara 13" Black and White Glass Bowl - 22964 by BENZARA
Benzara 15.75" Orange Glass Votive Bowl - 42082 by BENZARA
Benzara 13" Grey and Silver Glass Bowl - 22984 by BENZARA
Benzara 12" Orange Glass Bowl - 12311 by BENZARA
Benzara 15.75" Aluminium Bowl - 16929 by BENZARA
Benzara 33.25" Aluminium Bowl - 16927 by BENZARA
Benzara 13" Brown and Silver Glass Bowl - 22970 by BENZARA
Benzara 15.75" Blue Glass Votive Bowl - 41932 by BENZARA
Benzara 15.25" Pearl Glass Bowl - 42092 by BENZARA
Benzara 15.75" Golden Glass Votive Bowl - 41938 by BENZARA
Benzara 16" Golden Glass Votive Bowl - 41941 by BENZARA
Benzara 14" Beige Glass Bowl - 69475 by BENZARA
Benzara 17.5" Beige Glass Bowl - 69476 by BENZARA
Benzara 11.75" Golden Glass Bowl - 69429 by BENZARA
Benzara 15.75" Pearl Glass Votive Bowl - 12313 by BENZARA
Benzara 13" Silver and Blue Glass Bowl - 15013 by BENZARA
Benzara 14.5" Golden Glass Votive Bowl - 12316 by BENZARA
Benzara 13" Pearl Glass Votive Bowl - 12314 by BENZARA
Benzara 10.75" Blue Glass Votive Bowl - 41936 by BENZARA
Benzara 15.5" Aluminium Bowl - 16932 by BENZARA
Benzara 13" Turquoise Glass Bowl - 37934 by BENZARA
Benzara 12" Aluminium Bowl - 16934 by BENZARA
Benzara 15" Beige Glass Bowl - 69477 by BENZARA
Benzara 16" Golden Glass Bowl - 69428 by BENZARA
Benzara 11.5" Teal Glass Bowl - 69436 by BENZARA
Benzara 11.5" Beige Glass Bowl - 69466 by BENZARA
Benzara 12.75" Brown Glass Votive Bowl - 12320 by BENZARA
Benzara 13" Golden Glass Votive Bowl - 41943 by BENZARA
Benzara 15" Green Glass Bowl - 69462 by BENZARA
Benzara 11.5" Green Glass Bowl - 69451 by BENZARA
Benzara 4.5" Blue Ceramic Jar - 28360 by BENZARA
Benzara 12" Blue and Golden Glass Bowl - 12307 by BENZARA
Benzara 12" Orange and Golden Glass Bowl - 12293 by BENZARA
Benzara 69433 Alabaster Glass Bowl - 69433 by BENZARA
Benzara 13" Green Glass Votive Bowl - 12323 by BENZARA
Benzara 13" Turquoise Glass Bowl - 22972 by BENZARA
Benzara 13" Blue and White Glass Bowl - 22966 by BENZARA
Benzara 13" Green Glass Votive Bowl - 41948 by BENZARA
Benzara 10.75" Golden Glass Votive Bowl - 41945 by BENZARA
Benzara 25.5" Aluminium Bowl - 16928 by BENZARA
Benzara 12" Green and Golden Glass Bowl - 12295 by BENZARA
Benzara 16" Green Glass Votive Bowl - 41946 by BENZARA
Benzara 12.5" Ocean Blue Glass Bowl - 22977 by BENZARA
PS Bowl 22-Inch W, 7-Inch H - 39652 by Benzara
Sagaform Stoneware Dala Horse Serving Bowl, Small
Golden Metal Decorative Bowl Set of 2 by Benzara
12460 Metal Decorative Bowl Set of 3, Golden by Benzara
35157 Elegant Glass Hurricane Bowl - Large - Blue - Benzara by Benzara
13147 Marble Bowl by Benzara
35158 Alluring Glass Hurricane Bowl - Small - Blue - Benzara by Benzara
35171 Glass Hurricane Bowl - Small - Green - Benzara by Benzara
24014 Attractive Aluminum Bowl by Benzara
24013 Aluminum Bowl, Large - Benzara by Benzara
27567 Attractive Ceramic Bowl - Benzara by Benzara
35186 Captivating Glass Hurricane Bowl, Medium by Benzara
35170 Impressive Glass Hurricane Bowl - Medium - Green by Benzara
39534 Caged Bowl Set of 2 - Gold - Benzara by Benzara
35188 Enticing Glass Votive Bowl Set of 3 by Benzara
35186 Captivating Glass Hurricane Bowl, Large by Benzara
35169 Deep Round Glass Hurricane Bowl - Large - Green - Benzara by Benzara
35175 Stylish Glass Hurricane Bowl Set of 3 by Benzara
64240 Magnetic Metal Pedestal Bowl - Benzara
45980 Glass Votive Bowl - Blue - Benzara by Benzara
24012 Aluminum Bowl, Small - Benzara by Benzara
35187 Captivating Glass Hurricane Bowl, Small by Benzara
45984 Glass Hurricane Bowl - Blue - Benzara by Benzara
Fantastic Glass Bowl With Metal Stand by BENZARA
Glass Bowl Metal Stnd 16" D by BENZARA
Metal Glass Bowl 18"W, 7"H by Benzara
Metal Glass Bowl 18"W, 8"H by Benzara
Metal Glass Bowl 23"W, 8"H by Benzara
Glass Bowl Mtl Stnd by Benzara
Simply Stunning Glass Tornado Bowl by Benzara
Elegant Bowl on Stand - White
Durable Bowl Conical
Smart Indus Wooden Bowl Large
Appealing Vintage Inspired Bowl
Almira Wood Bowl
Impressive Aluminum Enamel Bowl Set Of 3
Unique Styled Amazing Glass Clear Green Bowl
37796 Teak Wood Aluminum Bowl
Gorgeous Paisley Glass Bowl
Open Valve Clam Shellfish Bowl - Silver-Benzara
Alluring Ceramic Open Valve Clam Shellfish Bowl - Blue- Benzara
Elegantly Crafted Ceramic Bellied Bowl- Small- White- Benzara
Well-designed Ceramic Bellied Bowl- Large- White- Benzara
Partial Seashell Bowl with Wave Design on Pedestal - Blue - Benzara
Partial Seashell Bowl with Wave Design on Pedestal - White - Benzara
Brown Wood Pet Feeder with Stylish Steel Bowls Brand Benzara
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    - Cynthia, Florida

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    - Heather, California