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Delicate & Fragile White Ceramic Seashell Vase

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Delicate & Fragile White Ceramic Seashell Vase

ITEM #: BRU-876456
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  • This delicate vase measures 7.99 inch (W) ? 7.87inch (D) ? 14.76 inch (H)
  • Glossy White color in appearance
  • It can be an Ideal Gift

The large sized vase is glossy white in color. Its surface is white and smooth. The striking feature is its neck design. It has a long and slender neck with a small round base. The best thing about its base is that it has beautiful patterns carved on it. The pattern resembles a series of circular lines. The maintenance is very easy and it?s easy to handle.

You can keep it along with the other decorative items on the shelf or you can also place it on side tables or your Bed head. You can always keep changing its place as per your choice with time. It can be kept simply as a decorative piece or you can use it place flowers into it. You can rotate the pattern as your choice to get a new feel. You can also gift it to friends or family. Along with the flower, why not to gift a complete set including vase! It will surely be a surprise for them.

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