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Elderly & Ceramic White Dog Head

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Elderly & Ceramic White Dog Head

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  • This white dog head measures 5.12 inch (W) ? 4.34 inch (D) ?5.52 inch (H)
  • Yellowish White color in appearance
  • An Ideal Gift

Doesn?t this dog head remind you of the old time? Earlier people used to go for hunting and get the real heads of animals. Today, this type of Dog heads is available. You can use such heads and give your house a vintage look. Even today it?s a matter of pride if you have such artifacts in your house. This Dog head looks as if it is a head of an elderly Dog. The folded skin like structures around its neck indicates this fact clearly. It has broad and flat ears. The most prominent feature of this Dog head is its Moustache like hairy structure on its face. It gives a look of some threatening Dog!

The best place for this artifact can be one?s living room. Every visitor to your house can get to admire the beauty of this Dog head. Also, it?s a rare to find artifact. It can be the best gift to give someone who shares a similar liking as you for such artifacts.

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