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Fire Screen Buying Guide

What are the important things to consider while buying a fire screen for your room? Well, this fire screen buying guide describes some of the factors that you must look for while buying a fire screen.


Size: Make sure the fire screen measures exactly the size of your fire place and has the necessary fittings so that you can conveniently place in front of your fireplace. The fire screen should be easily removable for dusting and cleaning whenever required. You may use single panel or double panel fire screens. Mostly double panel fire screens are advised for fire places with odd sizes.


Purpose: Any doubt about the purpose of fire screen? Well, you all know that fire screens are designed to protect you from the sparks and ashes of the fire, yet there are a few fire screens that are used just for decorative purpose. These fancy fire screens are usually made of lightweight materials, so they may not be able to withstand a harsh fire. You must ensure that you are getting the right one for your specific use.


Construction: The most important aspect that differentiates one fire screen from the other is the quality of construction. Fire screens are usually made of fire-resistant metals such as copper and they are provided with wire mesh or glass to prevent the ashes and smoke entering the room. Wire mesh is better than glass panel because it doesn’t break even after prolonged use.


While buying a fireplace screen you should also pay attention to its beauty. Remember, the fire screens are going to occupy quite a lot of space in your living room, so it must be eye-catching. Refer this fire screen buying guide while shopping and bring the right product to your home.

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