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Dry Floral and Foliage Décor Bunches and Natural Vases

Natural dry floral decor bunches are a great addition to your home interior. Dried flower arrangements are available in leading stores in simple bunches or as floral decorations in natural vases. Wild Orchid offers them for affordable prices and with FREE shipping. These dry floral decor bunches are natural plants and flowers, dried and preserved for long use.

The beauty of the dry floral décor bunches lies in their natural tone and flexible design patterns. Though they are dried, these dried floral arrangements are painted in natural colors so they retain their original charm for a long time. Available in separate bunches, the floral decor bunches can be used with any floral arrangement, bouquet or with centerpieces.

The most common dry floral décor bunches used in homes today are the Ting Ting Foliage Decor Bouquet. You can get them in the online shops in bunches or with a vase. Ting Ting foliage products like Set/3 Natural Spiral Floral Decor Bouquet 39"H and Set/4 Natural Botanical Floral Decor Bouquet with Vases are some of the most beautiful selections of dried floral arrangements in stock for seasonal sale.

Natural Floral and foliage decors are made from a variety of grass, flowers and trees. They are the blend of natural beauty and the creativity of the artisan. Dried floral decorations reveal the extent of creativity in floral décor patterns.

Dry floral and foliage decors are great collections to beautify your home because they are 100 percent natural and handmade. They do not contain any toxic substances that pollute your home.

Contemporary Vibrant Green Colored Vinyl Leaf Ball in Pot Brand Woodland
Contemporary Vibrant Green Colored Vinyl Leaf Ball in Pot Brand Woodland
60090 Costa Del Sol Potted Greenery: Low Cost Plantation Themed Decor Brand Uttermost
Evergreen Planter - Preserved Boxwood Plant In A Terracotta Pot Brand Uttermost
Exotic Floral Bunch Natural Decor Room Accent 38"H Brand Woodland
Natural Botanicals Dry Floral Decor Bouquet in Brown - Set of 3 Brand Woodland
Liyat Floral Bunch With Petals & Vase Room Accent 45"H Brand Woodland
Preserved Boxwood Tree Topiary A Nature Decor With Difference Brand Uttermost
Superb Preserved Boxwood Triple Topiary Exhibits Passion For Nature Brand Uttermost
Preserved Boxwood Spiral Topiary Natural Decor That Is Felt By All Brand Uttermost
Pyramid Boxwood with Unique Design Floral Decor34" Height Brand Woodland
Casual Style Polyester Pyramid Boxwood 45"Height Floral Decor Brand Woodland
Spiral Shaped Boxwood Floral Decor 41" Height Brand Woodland
Decorative Polyester Spiral Shape Boxwood (52" H x 12" W) Brand Woodland
Unique Topiary Boxwood with Artistic design Floral Décor 43" Height Brand Woodland
Classic 37" Classic Pyramid Shaped Boxwood Brand Woodland
Evergreen Planter - Preserved Boxwood Plant In Ancient Patina Pot Brand Uttermost
60039 Moth Orchid Planter: Reflects Your Decor And Gardening Craze Brand Uttermost
Daylilies In Tuscan Urn with Faded Evergreen Finish Brand Uttermost
Red Freesia In English Classic Metal Tole Planter Brand Uttermost
Two Sphere Topiary Preserved Boxwood Potted in Planter Brand Uttermost
Willow Topiary Preserved Boxwood in Terracotta Planter Brand Uttermost
Willow Topiary Preserved Boxwood in Terracotta Floral Planter Brand Uttermost
Magdeburg Wire Basket Robustly Crafted Enduring Set Brand Benzara
Alicante Aesthetically Designed Wonderful Wire Basket Set Brand Benzara
Brilliant Styled Metal Floral Decorative by Woodland Import

Floral Décor Guide


This dry floral décor guide takes you to the exciting world of dry flowers and foliage that can add freshness and fragrance to your beautiful home. Here we introduce you to some of the most intricate floral patterns, which are handmade and 100 percent natural.


If you are fond of the colorful floral patterns, get a bunch of classy floral décor in different colors like green, yellow and orange, and create a floral pattern of your choice by mixing them in the desired way.


The best floral decor that depicts the blend of nature’s creativity and man’s would be the natural grass foliage bouquet with vase available in different heights. The foliage bouquet is made of a variety of grass, flowers and seeds to make it look like a classic artistic creation in your home.


Welcome your guests by showcasing the beautiful bouquet of Curly Red & Green Bouquet Floral Décor available in different sizes or the Natural Spiral Floral Décor that features a combination of grass, flowers and seeds.


Here you also find some of the most beautiful flower vases in fire glass, cane, and natural glass. Try different combinations of these naturally available materials and make your home the abode of natural beauty and cleanliness.


Did this floral décor guide help you finalize the dry floral décor for your home? Well, there are a wide variety of quality dry floral and foliage products available online. Get a glimpse of all of them before you make the final decision. 


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