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A guide to buying a hookah shisha

The hookah is originally from India although the Arabs are the ones who are responsible for its popularity. The term hookah is the most commonly used one and hookah and shisha are generally synonymous with each other. In the Arab world it is known as the ‘Nargileh’, in Egypt it is known as the “Shisha’ and in Iran it is called the ‘Ghalyun’. The actual word hookah is derived from the word ‘huqqa’, which is an Indian and Pakistani word. Hookahs are great design elements to have around the house, even if you don’t smoke them. But while buying a hookah shisha it is important that you know how to buy a good one, in the event that someone might land up smoking it someday. Here are some useful tips on buying a hookah shisha of quality: Place of purchase If you are buying a hookah shisha you should buy the best there is. While hookahs are easily available, the best ones come from Syria and Egypt. They might be a bit more expensive than hookahs from other countries but they are unmatched in quality. Body of the hookah Always ensure that you buy a hookah with stainless steel body. There are ones made of copper available in the market as well but these corrode easily and become toxic after a point. Brass also makes for an excellent choice of body. The jar The jar needs to be one of glass, metal jars are not recommended as this is the part of the hookah that stores the water. The pipes While buying a hookah shisha, try and stick to one with a single pipe. If you must buy one with multiple pipes then a 2 hose hookah should do just fine. 4 hose hookahs are also available in the market but these are not recommended as the flavour of the tobacco gets very diluted. The tip While the wooded tip has its charm, it is not very functional as it is not each to clean. Metal tips are advisable. It is also advisable to buy hookahs that use grommets.
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