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Hookah shisha pipes – how they are made

Hookahs date back a long long way. A traditional hookah has a vessel that holds the water, an elegant stem that rise to the top on which there is a bowl that holds the tobacco. The body contains on or several hookah shisha pipes, the most common being 2 pipe hookahs and the 4 pipe hookahs. These pipes have mouthpieces attached to their ends through which smoke is drawn out through the water. The tobacco is heated with the help of the charcoal and the water helps cool down the smoke. There is a pleasant gurgling that one can hear when the smoke passes through the water. Let’s have a closer look at how these hookah shisha pipes are made. Styles The hookah shisha pipes come in a variety of styles today. However the traditional materials that were used to make these hookah shisha pipes were blown glass. These pipes were then embellished with various materials like enamel painting, gold, silver, brass, clay, porcelain and even stone wood and leather. These materials are still used today but in addition there is stainless steel, plastic, rubber and other high quality materials, like Pyrex glass and acrylic making the pipes more durable. Hookah etiquette If you are going to smoke a hookah then here’s a bit of trivia for you to know. Hookahs are always smoked while sitting on the floor, preferably on comfortable floor cushions, although in a lot of the modern lounges they are placed on a low table. If a hookah is being shared then etiquette demands that you don’t pass the pipe to the next person, you place the pipe down after you finish so that the other can pick it up when they are ready for it, at their leisure.
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