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Enticing Melenia Medium Green and Bronze Vase

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Enticing Melenia Medium Green and Bronze Vase

ITEM #: IMX-13701
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  • Dimension:7 (L) X 7 (W) X 12 (H) inch
  • Material Used:Clay, Glaze
  • Color:Green & Bronze
  • Brand:IMAX

  • Are you a vase collector If yes then this vase would be a fresh addition to your collection. Well built from quality materials it will remain in shipshape condition for many years. This vase has a polished green and bronze finish. Adorn it with or without flowers and it will not fail to woo onlookers. This vase can be kept on the floor or be displayed on your favorite table indoors. This vase has a smooth texture and will win you kudos from many. Keep it in your library for a creative angle or in the office lobby area to make it welcoming. This vase which is a lookalike of a jar will not take much time to become your favorite decor. You can also present this vase as a gift to your close friend on his or her birthday or anniversary. So, bring home this vase at once and redefine style.
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