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IMAX Durable Rania Copper-Plated Stool

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IMAX Durable Rania Copper-Plated Stool

ITEM #: IMX-44195
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  • Dimension:13 (L) X 13 (W) X 2 inch
  • Material Used:iron sheet
  • Brand:IMAX

  • A perfect replica of a water drum this stool is constructed of quality iron sheet. Durable in nature this stool will remain in prim condition for years together. Featuring an iron foundation this stool is copper plated in the center. Keep it in the lawn or in the backyard and it will do its duty flawlessly. In the garden; it can be used as a plant stand or as a side table. Pair this stool with a chair and you can enjoy reading you morning newspaper outdoors. This stool can also be kept in the patio area for a new look. Friends and other visitors paying you a visit will marvel at this stool and kudos will be showered on it for its stunning creation. Perfect for outdoor it can withstand harsh weather too. Regarding maintenance regular dusting with a dry cloth will keep it in prim condition.

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