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Enthralling Buoyant Connected Glass Floats

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Enthralling Buoyant Connected Glass Floats

ITEM #: IMX-50754
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  • Dimension:7 (L) X 7 (W) X 4 (H) inch
  • Brand:IMAX

  • You must have seen wind chimes and other wall hangings but the one here is a new way to ornament walls and ceilings. Constructed of glass it will give the ambiance a new look which you were longing for. Featuring a string of three glass floats neatly wrapped in a rope with a loop attached atop. Hang it in the living room entrance or outside in the patio area for some visual interest. You can also hang it to the branches of a tree in the garden area to add a pop of color. While hosting a lawn party you can get more such glass floats and hang it to different tree branches. The outdoor is sure to look mesmerizing and guests will definitely get enticed by its beauty. Consider gifting it to close ones during festivals housewarming and birthdays and they will be delighted to receive it. A new decor which is versatile in every way get it as soon as possible.

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