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Exquisite Downey Aluminum Anchor by IMAX

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Exquisite Downey Aluminum Anchor by IMAX

ITEM #: IMX-60165
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  • Dimension:3 (L) X 26 (W) X 31 (H) inch
  • Brand:IMAX

  • To bring real glory to your interiors certain home accessories hold mesmerizing worth. This exquisite Downey Aluminum Anchor can prove to be such a decor. An anchor holds a ship in stable and firm position on the surface of water. This decor featuring an anchor has a hole at the top with the help of which you can fix it on your inner walls. Basically made from aluminum it is sturdy enough with a jute made rope around its body to give it an appearance similar to that of an actual anchor.In brown and silvery finish it looks extremely appealing and can give your interiors an authentic touch. Apart from its decorative worth it certainly commands a functional worth. You can hang your daily usable belongings like shirts, jeans, towels keep them in your reach. So add an element of creativity to your room space by getting such spectacular home decors.

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