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Innovative & Interesting Piece of Step stool by Winsome Woods

  • This interesting piece of stool measures 15 inch (W) ? 18.5 inch (D) ?21.5 inch (H)
  • It has Dark Violet Color Appearance
  • Ideal Stool for reaching higher place in the house

The Step stool is the advance version of the simpler stools that we get. It has a very innovative techniques and modern look. It has a double rectangular shaped wooden surface at the top. This surface has partition which forms like a grill. It has a sturdy base which is inclined such that it gives a proper balance to whoever stands on it. It has a wooden rod on both the piece which makes it easier to place one?s feet. The surface has a smooth and shiny surface and hence can be maintained easily.

The Step Stool is one of the important items that are needed in every hold. It can be used to place or get the things that are kept on height. Its built is such that it?s very convenient to use it. It has a moderate size and can be easily relocated in the house. It requires very less space. When not in use, things like Dusters, mopping Clothes etc can be kept on it.

  • Nice Quilt, Love it will buy again.

    - Cynthia, Florida

  • Great vendor, good quality.

    - Heather, California