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Costume _ Armor Helmet Spangen Brand IOTC

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Costume _ Armor Helmet Spangen Brand IOTC

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This medieval Spangen armor helmet incorporates the full head to neck rigid protection. Although this popular armor helmet, otherwise known as Spangenhelm, is riveted in places, Spangen refers to the clips while helm simply meant helmet. As a costume, this armor helmet has the opening for the eyes design in the shape of a cat_s eye and makes it quite attractive. By the 6th century, it was the most common helmet design in Europe and was even popular all the way down to the Middle East. The Spangen Armor Helmet was an effective protection that was rather easy to make but its weakness stemmed from its jointed construction. It was later replaced by similarly shaped helmets made of one-piece skulls. If you wanted a simple but sexy costume helmet for that costume party where your potential soul mate will also attending, this armor helmet is the one that will definitely draw her eyes to yours. Important Features: _ Size : 14_ _ Finish : Silver _ Material : -

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