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Costume _ Armor Helmet Sugar Loaf Brand IOTC

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Costume _ Armor Helmet Sugar Loaf Brand IOTC

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Most of us presumable learned about the advent of the crusades in our high school subject on history. Just in case you have been ill on that fateful day, here is a quick recap. The Crusades were a number of military expeditions to the Middle East that occurred from the mid 1090_s to the early 1290_s AD. They were initiated to try and recover the Holy Land of the Israelites that was believed to be in the hands of non-believers. Crusader armor helmet were initially of the flat top with crusader cross, often times embossed in brass, on the front of the helmet going down the center. Later variants began to have a curved _sugar loaf_ pointed top to deflect crushing blows. You will find a lot of air holes on the face of the helmet and two medium sized wide openings for the eyes. Important Features: _ Size : na _ Finish : Chrome and Brass finish _ Material : -

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