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Costume _ Armor Helmet Gladiator with Liner Brand IOTC

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What is it about gladiators that stir our imagination? To a most of us, they are costume clad warriors donning armor helmet legends from the dark medieval past. These gladiators had to fight for their lives and if they died, they were meant as sacrifices to the God of War _ Mars. In the beginning, only prisoners of war were made to become gladiators. For protection, they wore armor helmet and vest while having a sword to fight off and kill their opponent. When they win, they have a chance to _redeem_ their freedom and future. The most common stages for these gladiator fights were ampitheaters, squares or arenas. These fights then became very popular that the combatants no longer fought to the death but to simply injure one_s adversary. These days, only costume parties, reenactments and plays remain as a reminder of those dark and gory days. Happy Halloween! Important Features: _ Size : na _ Finish : Silver finish _ Material : -

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