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Costume _ Armor Helmet Roman Emperor Brand IOTC

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The greatest ruler of the Carolingian Dynasty was Charlemagne otherwise known as Charles the Great. He was also the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire from 800 to 814. He was the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire that included France, Belgium, the Netherlands, all of Germany and Northern Spain. In essence, he ruled most of Christian Europe. During his reign he donned his great armor helmet to many great wars against neighboring Christian kingdoms. He was often at the head of his elite scara bodyguard squadrons with his legendary sword Joyeuse and armor helmet in tow. After thirty years of war and eighteen battles, he conquered Saxonia and proceeded to convert the conquered to Christianity. A later story told by Otho of Lomello claimed that Emperor Otto discovered Charlemagne_s tomb and found him seated on a throne wearing a kingly costume, crown and holding a scepter with his flesh almost entirely intact. This will be my next costume to a Halloween costume party for sure! Important Features: _ Size : na _ Finish : Silver and Bronze finish _ Material : -

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