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King Quilt Sets

Buy King Quilt Sets to blend with any bedroom decor

Quilting is the art of stitching together three different

fabrics together to make up one piece. The top of the quilt is often decorative in character while the middle layer offers the padding and the third and final layer forms the back up.

King Quilt Sets

The King quilt sets are generally ideal for several decors. The most commonly found King quilt sets will have very liberal machine stitching. Chocolate brown in the darker hue, or a dash of black and ivory are the preferred choices. This is a choice which can lend a luxury feel and appearance to any bed room. The modern day quilts are made from the finest fabrics with cotton shell and fill. The fabrics are pre washed and can be machine washed whenever you choose to. King quilt sets go exceedingly well with other King ensembles or King bedding sets.

Origin of Quilting

The practice of quilting has been traced back to ancient Egyptian days and the tombs have evidences leading to this. Sewing up different pieces of clothing to render a single item was among the earliest forms of quilting. The middle of 19th century witnessed the emergence of patch work quilting which is the art of putting together different pieces of fabrics together into an intricately designed piece. The industrial revolution later brought along with it, the textile industry when women gave up the spinning and weaving of fabrics since they became freely available. Quilt making received a shot in the arm when sewing machines were introduced. Though predominantly only left over clothing or even some used clothing were employed in quilt making, rapid changes in the industry brought about the modern day quilts. In more recent times, quilting came to occupy an important place in modern bedrooms and quilting became an industry by itself.

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