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Library Decor Items that Worm Their Way into the Hearts of Book Worms

Faux book boxes set in rich leather that exude class and opulence. Aluminum globes that occupy a pride of place on your desk. Bookend pairs in elegant and quirky designs that liven up your library. And sand timers in wood, metal, and glass that are great conversation pieces. The vast range of library décor from Wild Orchid is both unique and attractive. A Gone with the Wind or a King Henry faux book set in decorative leather from Wild Orchid is a versatile décor item. You can use these to either fill up the ungainly empty spaces on your library shelves or cleverly hide clutter behind. There is a wide range of designs available, from zebra-printed leather that complements a contemporary décor theme to red traditional Asian print that looks exotic. However, there are nothing like some eclectic bookend pairs to add character to your library. You can have your pick from a pair of playful cats, intricately carved Holy Cross, frogs comically sprawled on sofas and reading, a cute Dutch boy and girl pair, or a mouse on a motorcycle. Wild Orchid has one to suit many a library theme. Browse through the library décor collection at Wild Orchid to stock up on ideas to design your bookish den.
Set /3 World Map Leather Faux Book Boxes Set Brand Woodland
Decorative Leather Faux Book Boxes in Brown Finish - Set of 3 Brand Woodland
Library Books Leather Faux Book Boxes Set/4 Large Set Brand Woodland
Set /3 Shakespeare K Henry Leather Faux Book Boxes Brand Woodland
Classic Decorative Faux Leather Book Storage Box - Set of 3 Brand Woodland
Aluminum Gymnastic Statue 21 Inch Height, 12 Inch Width Brand Woodland
Paris Wood Canvas Book Box Set/3 12 Inch, 9 Inch, 6 Inch Brand Woodland
Metal Movie Reel, Five Reels 23 Inch Width, 12 Inch Height Brand Woodland
Metal Movie Reel, Black 18 Inch Diameter Brand Woodland
Metal Movie Reel, Tanned, 18 Inch Diameter Brand Woodland
Metal Movie Reel, Three, 16 Inch Height, 11 Inch Width Brand Woodland
Metal Table Decor, Film Projector, 19 x 14 Inch Brand Woodland
66966 Wood Leather Book S/2 13", 10"H- With World Map Design Brand Woodland
72193 Wood Leather Book Box S/3 - Book Storage In Style Brand Woodland
Wood Canvas Box Set/3 A Contempt Class Trunk Set Any Time Storage Addition Brand Woodland
Wood Canvas Case Set/3 Vintage Sports Inspired Storage Addition Brand Woodland
Wood Fabric Box Set /3 With Geographical Maps And Cultural Themes Brand Woodland
Wood Box Fabric Book Box for Storage or Shelf Decor Brand Woodland
Book Box Leather Antique Book Box Set Brand Woodland
Wood Book Boxes - Matching Rome Faux Book Boxes - Set of 3 Brand Woodland
Industrial Style Polystone Cast Rusted Gear Decor Brand Woodland
Classic Binoculars - Antique Spy Glass Binoculars With Aged Brass Brand Woodland
Antique Standing Telescope With Chrome Alloy Lens Cap Brand Woodland
Metal Glass Magnifier with Fine Detailing in Silver Gold Finish Brand Woodland
Modern Wooden Reclaimed Box with Storage Space in Set of 3 Brand Woodland
Brass Desk Magnifier with Sky Blue Glass by IOTC
Wood Canvas Box Set/3 Drum Shaped With Vintage Sporty Look Brand Woodland
  • Nice Quilt, Love it will buy again.

    - Cynthia, Florida

  • Great vendor, good quality.

    - Heather, California