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Using medieval knight helmets to decorate

While you might want to give your home a medieval touch but might not necessarily have the space to accommodate an entire armour suit. So what do you do then? You use armour parts. Helmets, shields, steel gloves and roman shields make for excellent stand alone pieces. Medieval knight helmets are available in abundance on the internet and they range from Crusader to German helmets. The most popular of these helmets is the Crusaders helmet. Let’s take a look at the various helmets available. The Crusader helmet This type of medieval knight helmet is a fairly simple one that protects the top of the head with a single nose protector that comes down the front. It used to be worn by the Norse cultures and the Normans. This type of helmet is fairly common and replicas of this should be easily available online and otherwise. The other helmet that is similar to this one is the Sugar Loaf helmet – again a very popular helmet. The European close helmet The type of medieval knight helmet is exactly the kind that will probably conjure up an image in the head when the word knight helmet is mentioned. These medieval knight helmets are the ones that you are most likely to get with a full armour suit. They are completely closed protecting the front and the back of the head and were most probably worn in the medieval ages along with the heavy plated armour. Another variation to this helmet is the pig face helmet. This too is a closed medieval knight helmet but the front comes out like a snout hence the name. These usually come with a Churberg armour set. Leather helmets Leather helmets are also available as a variant. These helmets are much lighter than the all metal ones are generally available only in the Roman trooper and Crusader style.
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