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Musician Statues to Melodize Your Homes

For those who have music in their heart and souls, an assortment of musician statues is handcrafted to evoke the senses. From bust sculptures and full human figurines to microphones and saxophones, these stylish decors are capable of bringing in music to your hearts and lives. These eye-catching pieces of art are made out of top quality metals to ensure long life without compromising on its glossy and glamorous looks. Keep one near your office desk or place one in a wall rack! It will obviously give the opulence that can surpass any antique art piece, and can gladly be passed on to the next generations as a wonderful memento. A variety of metals have been used to hand-carve the sculptures such as aluminum and cold cast poly resin. Take one home to enrich the musical spirit in you.
Poly Resin the Sax Man Metal Music Bust Statue Sculpture Brand Woodland
Aluminum Microphone Shaped Trophy Stage Décor Brand Woodland
Shiney Aluminum Microphone Shaped Trophy Theater Décor Brand Woodland
Polystone Sax Musician Sculpture Décor in Silver Finish Brand Woodland
Polystone Unique Trombone Musician Décor Sculpture Brand Woodland
Polystone Playing the Trumpet Décor Sculpture Brand Woodland
Classic Polystone Musician Décor Sculpture Brand Woodland
Polystone Musician Sculpture Décor in Silver Finish Brand Woodland
Poly Resin Jazz Band Crafted with Sturdy Design - Set of 4 Brand Woodland
Designer Musical Instrument Sculpture Work - Set of 2 Brand Woodland
19280 Music Notes S/3: The Concept Makes It Unique Brand Uttermost
Polystone Stylish Bass Musician Décor Sculpture Brand Woodland
Classic Aluminum Dancing Couple Sculpture Brand Woodland
Aluminum Dancing Couple Sculpture 15" Height Brand Woodland
Aluminum Shiney Dancing Sculpture Unique Brand Woodland
Aluminum Dancing Sculpture with Black Base 14" Height Brand Woodland
54600 Metal Acrylic Saxophone 32"W, 24"H- Impressive & Unique Brand Woodland
Antiqued Metal Trumpet Musical Table Decor Sculpture Accent Brand Woodland
Antiqued Metal SaxoPhone Musical Table Decor Saxe Phone Brand Woodland
Unique Musicians Night With Music Instruments Set of 5 Brand Woodland
Decorative Musicians Statue Sculpture Set In Slate Gray and Silver Brand Uttermost
Musician Aluminum Sculpture - Set of 3 28" Height
Modern Assorted Aluminum 3 Different Musician Sculpture - Set of 3
Antiqued Gramophone Polystone Antiqued Phonograph Sculpture Brand Woodland
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