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Nautical Home Decor – The Feel of the Ocean on Dry Land

Do you realize that the ocean and the maritime industry have drawn some much interest from many landlubbers (non-sailors)? Some people recognize a great thing when they see it; while others simply pick up something that has a maritime theme because it catches their fancy. Many mariners also have nautical theme decor in their homes on dry land. Some people really are collectors of anything that has a nautical or maritime theme. They simply cannot get enough. View here more Nautical Theme Decor Products Ship’s Wheels Although some modern fishing vessels are steered by computer and lever controls, you can still find vessels that are steered by the older styled wooden ship wheels. These are also a beautiful addition to any home with a nautical theme decor. They make a great wall decoration or a very sturdy centerpiece of a chandelier or as the top of a coffee table. All you would need to do then is put a glass or Plexiglas top over the rim of the ship wheel after mounting it on a base of some sort. That is most assuredly going to be a very unique centerpiece and a great conversation starter. Having a chandelier made from a ship’s wheel is another way to make a statement; as this nautical theme decor will definitely get people’s attention. Bells Ringing Clearly Many a serious bell collector will also enjoy these beautifully designed bells that have a maritime theme. What nautical theme décor would be complete without a ship’s bell or two? Not only are bells beautiful to look at but also to listen to their melodic ringing. Bells have always been the captain’s way of calling his crew to duty or signaling shore of their approach. To this day, bells still play a big and important part in a mariner’s life and daily duties aboard ship. Buy More Products from here
36" Wooden Ship Wheel With Brass Hub And 8 Spokes Brand IOTC
18" Ship Wheel Nautical Decor Solid Shipwheel With Brass Hub Brand Woodland
25" Solid Wood Nautical Costal Ship Wheel With Brass Hub Brand Woodland
Antiqued Wood Ship wheel with Rope Knot, Nautical Wheel Wall Decor Brand Woodland
Brass Earth Globe On Stand Hot Deal Brand Wild Orchid
Brass Earth Globe On Stand Hot Deal Brand Wild Orchid
5" Earth Globe With Brass Arc And Base Hot Deal Brand Wild Orchid
8" Earth Globe With Brass Ring And Base Hot Deal Brand Wild Orchid
Antique Brass Wood Telescope Equipped with Powerful Lens Brand Woodland
Sextant Nautical Brass 4" With Wooden Box #BR4850 Brand IOTC
Brunton Compass Solid Brass With Wood Box#BR4840 Brand IOTC
New Gimbaled Compass In Wood Box Nautical Brand IOTC
Brass Sun Dial Compass In Box - Great Nautical Compass Brand IOTC
Gift New Brass Clinometer Compass In Nautical Wood Box Brand IOTC
Master Gimbaled Compass In Glass Lid Box Nautical Brand IOTC
Costal Nautical Decor Wood Fish and Shells with Thermometer Brand Woodland
Brass / Copper Bosun Navy Call Whistle With Wood Box Brand IOTC
5 Minute Nautical Ship Sand Timer Metal Hour Glass Cycle Brand Woodland
30 Minute Nautical Ship Sand Timer, Antique Metal Hour Glass Brand Woodland
30 Minute Nautical Ship Sand Timer, Brass Hour Glass 9 Inch Brand Woodland
60 Minute Nautical Ship Sand Timer, One Hour Metal Hour Glass Brand Woodland
60 Min Hour Glass Nautical Ship Sand Timer, Metal Hour Glass Brand Woodland
15 Minute Nautical Ship Brass Sand Timer Metal Hour Glass Brand Woodland
Ship Port Hole Mirror Lacquered Brass 11.5" D Porthole Brand Woodland

Nautical Décor Guide

Antique nautical products like ship wheels, nautical bells, nautical clocks and porthole mirrors are now mostly seen in the living rooms and guest rooms of many houses and restaurants. Thanks to the enthusiasm shown by those who wish to cherish the nostalgic memories of our ancient sailors, these ship wheels and ship bells are becoming the popular gift accessories today. Here is a nautical décor guide that will help a newcomer do extremely well in nautical shopping.


This nautical décor guide gives you an idea of the popular nautical décor items available as gifts or home accents in the modern age. They include the following:


Ship Wheels: Ship wheels made of wood are the perfect wall décor for your living room. The ship wheels usually made of treated sheesham wood comes with six spokes and solid brass porthole. Some of these polished ship wheels also feature clocks in their portholes.


Porthole Mirrors: Portholes were built in the ships to let the sailors get a view of the outside world without letting the water and wind inside the ship. In warships, the portholes were also used for firing through. By bringing the porthole mirrors in your home, you could recreate the ancient nautical culture in your room.


Nautical Bells: Nautical bells or ship bells are among the most curious nautical décor products. They are available in different types like brass anchor bells, aluminum ship bells, chrome nautical bells, and more. The best among them is the solid brass lathed bell as it produces the unique sound that brings the maritime memories back to your room.


We are happy to also include products like sailor’s compass, armillary sphere globe, sundial globe, antique brass/wood telescope, light ship anchor lamp/lantern and sandbox as the antique nautical products in our nautical décor guide. 

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