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Looking for a nautical home décor item like nautical bell, ship wheel or nautical clocks? Well, here is a guide to help you pick the right nautical room decors of indigenous quality and look. There are immense varieties of coastal decors in wood and metal to reform your home or office environment to a nautical milieu. These nautical art pieces are great ways to modify your seaside restaurant or a tavern.


The most popular among the nautical décor is the solid wood ship wheel with brass hub. Today nautical ship wheels also come in a variety of color choices. You may choose from the 24" Red Welcome Aboard Wood Captain Ship wheel Nautical, 24" Yellow Welcome Aboard Wood Ship wheel Nautical Decor, 24" Green Welcome Aboard Wood Ship wheel Nautical Decor or the 24" Shabby White Ship wheel With Nautical Fish to make a difference in your home furnishing style.


Nautical mantle clocks, brass portholes nautical boat clocks, porthole mirror nautical décor, ship port hole lacquered brass, and Antiqued Green Ship Port Hole Mirror 9" Dia Porthole are some of the most sought after nautical home décor items after ship wheels. The nautical clocks and mirrors are suitable to be fixed in any of the rooms of your home or office.


Nautical home décor products like brass ship bells are simply the best among all home décor products. The attractive metallic ship bells are available in a variety of metal choices including brass, bronze, aluminum, and antique alloys. Explore the sailor’s shop for items like the hour glass, nautical telescope, and nautical compass and bring the nautical tone to your beautiful room.

Nautical and Coastal Décors in Metal and Wood

Wild orchid nautical décor is the home of high quality coastal and nautical products. We offer nautical theme decoration for costal beach cottage, villas and big lake houses. For people living in coastal town’s nautical décor is very popular. Choose from our exclusive line of nautical gifts and décor: ship wheels, nautical bells, sailboats, tall ship models, compass, nautical clocks, lighthouse, nautical furniture and coastal gifts etc.

Nautical Decor

When you are looking for nautical décor to enhance the interiors of your home you should stop by to look at our store www.wildorchidquilts.net . You will find a variety of nautical items that are made up of top quality materials. You can now pick items like a nautical bell, nautical clocks or even a ship wheel. At our store you will find a wide range of coastal décor made of wood and metal that will help in re-creating your home and give it a nautical touch.

There are a wide range of nautical décor products available with us. However, the most popular amongst the nautical items is the ship wheel made up of solid wood and a brass hub. Apart from this you have brass ship bells, hour glass, nautical telescope, compass and other such items. Some of the other nautical décor items that are popular include nautical mantle clocks, porthole mirror, brass port hole nautical boat clocks and other similar nautical products.

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