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Quilt Care Guide

A quilt is one of the most valuable heirlooms in a home. It needs utmost care and treatment. The 100 percent cotton king size quilts and queen size quilts are designed to bring warmth and affection to your lovely home. By providing good care to your favorite quilt, you can retain its original quality and warmth and ensure a long life.


Here is a quilt care guide that will provide you with some quilt care tips that you must follow while using the quilts at your home. The quilt care guide also educates you on how to care your lovely cotton quilts after their seasonal use.


  • Do not expose your handmade cotton quilt to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will cause the cotton material to fade and deteriorate the fibers.


  • Follow the wash instruction given in the manufacturer’s quilt care guide. Usually all types of cotton quilts- king size and queen size - are machine washable. Use Gentle wash using soft detergents in cold water. Never use hot water to wash cotton quilts.


  • You need not wash your beautiful quilts frequently. If you find that the quilt is soiled due to the dust accumulated on it, put it in the dryer of your washing machine and tumble it for a few minutes in the air fluff cycle.


  • The best way to store the king size quilt or queen size quilt after use is to roll it over a cardboard tube usually available with Christmas wrapping paper.


Follow the instructions given in this quilt care guide properly and ensure long life to your handmade cotton quilts. For more tips on quilt care, you may contact reputed quilt sellers where you get 100 percent handmade cotton quilts.

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