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Radiant & Classic Set of Metal bird Feeder

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Radiant & Classic Set of Metal bird Feeder

ITEM #: BRU-1107720
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  • The set has a Big and Small Metal Feeders each measuring 10.5inch (W) 10.5 inch (D) 19inch (H) and 11.25inch (W) 11.25inch (D) 23 inch (H) respectively.
  • It is Grey color in appearance
  • Grand Set of Metal Bird Feeder for your pet birds.

The Metal Bird Feeders are rare to find Antique set. Its structure is marvelous. It has a shiny metallic body with a round base. On the top, there is a plate like structure which is used to provide the food for the birds. The rod joining the base with the plate is carved in a beautiful way. It has two circular protruding which makes it easier to hold the Feeder. Also, in the plate, there is a small stand like structure made on which the birds can sit.

If you are Bird lover, than you can?t miss the opportunity to possess this! Come and take one home and feed you birds in a beautiful way! The most comfortable fact is it is small in size and hence portable. You can feed your birds anywhere as your choice. Even when you are not feeding your birds, the unique set can be kept as an artifact! Surely, your family and friends will be delighted to see such an artifact!

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