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4D Concepts Relaxing Set of Chair and Footstool by 4D Concepts

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  • • Color: UNT



  • This Chair and Footstool measures 25.5 inch(W) ?28 inch(D)? 33 inch(H) and 17 inch(W) ?17inch(D) ?13.5 inch(H) respectively.
  • The Soft Set of Chair and footstool is Beige color in appearance
  • This set can be very relaxing after a tiring day

The set of Chair and Footstool can be used for relaxing after a long tiring day at work. When you come and sit to relax on this, you will surely forget all your tensions and worries and only feel soothing effect. The Chair is big in size with comfortable material. The footstool is small in size and it can be kept in such a way that once you recline on the Chair, you can keep your feet on the stool and relax. Both the things are beige in color and its shiny. The chair and the stool have a small strong support which is brown in color.

You can place this set in your living room. You can use it whenever you are watching Television, speaking on phone or simply relaxing. It?s easy to clean since it has a soft material which can be dusted easily. It also does not need extra space in your room and can be kept at one corner of the room.

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