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Resourceful Travel Pillow by Dreampur

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Resourceful Travel Pillow by Dreampur

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This travel pillow measures 16" x 8" x 3.5". A small pillow designed for comfort in the car or on the airplane. A perfect size for children to bring to daycare or grandmother's house. Comes with a removable cover. Dreampur pillows are designed with your comfort in mind. Made with a breathable, high-density polyurethane material. Dreampur pillows mold to your body's shape for superior comfort and adjust to your body's temperature for a cool sleeping experience. As a leading lightweight pillow in today's market, the Dreampur pillow reduces up to 60 percent of physical movements that disturb sleep and relieves pressure along the head, neck and shoulders. With a variety of sizes available to suit your sleep style, the Dreampur pillow brings the benefits of better sleep.

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