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Getting creative – making your own roman window blinds

Roman window blinds are an excellent and cheap alternative to hanging curtains on your windows. In addition to this they add a nice modern yet elegant touch to the living space in which they are hung. You can either choose to go out and buy shades that fit your window or you can get creative and make your own. Here’s how: Measuring the window The first step of course to creating your own roman window blind is to measure the window it is going to hang on. Measure the height and the width of the window. It is important to remember that you will need to add an extra 200mm to the height as the blinds hang a little above the top frame of the window. Calculate the amount of material required Once you have the measurement of the window it is time to calculate how much fabric you will need for your roman window blind. There’s a simple formula to help you calculate this – the window width divided by the material width. Once you have done this mark the amount up to the next whole width. I.e. if you get 1.66 widths as the amount required then take 2 widths. Once you have calculated the width, calculate the length. Allow for 400mm extra to the amount that you have measured for allowances. For the sake of easy calculating we shall take our required length as 2100 mm. Cutting, marking and sewing the roman window blind Cut 2 lengths of 2500mm each (2100mm + 400mm) and sew them side by side. Once you have done this you will need to mark the panels on the material. The width of a panel is generally 300mm with the exception of the top most panels that is generally larger to accommodate the neat tucking of the other panel under it. Our length of blinds will have 7 panels. Turn the material over and mark the first panel at 500mm, then leave a gap of 30mm and mark the second panel at 300mm, followed by a 30mm gap and another panel of 300mm. Follow this till the end. The 2 lines on either side of the 30mm gap are the sewing lines. Fold this gap so that the lines touch each other forming a pocket and attach sewing clamps to it. Sew along these lines forming pockets at the back. Hem the bottom so that the last panel measures 300mm. Hem the top ensuring that the top panel measures 400mm. Make up the blind by inserting batons into the pockets and attaching rings to the back of them. Attach the blind to the timber of the window with the help of Velcro. Cord the blind and your roman window blind is ready for use.
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