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Hand Carved Wood and Metal Screens Room Dividers

If you need to divide a room with a decorative touch or you have been looking for an attractive way to add privacy to your home or a specific room in your house.  Wild Orchid understands that there are many homes that would be well served with the addition of a room divider. Room dividers purchased here can add the beauty as well as the function that you need in any space, any time. We feature many different types of room dividers so that you can get exactly what you are looking for.

Carved Wood room dividers are nice because they get the job done and they come in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. If you will be using the divider as a functional piece you might find that wood is the best way to go because it is durable and attractive, too. Our wood room divider selection has hand carved room divider, Jali screen room dividers, etc. Our wood room divider selection is very diverse in size, shape, and color so that you can choose a piece that will fit your home. Wood can add all of the beauty as well as all of the color, texture, and privacy that you need.

Metal room dividers can be quite striking as well as very functional. If you are looking to add a new color or texture to your home you should definitely look into metal room screen. Even if you have never considered metal room dividers in the past you will find our selection will change your mind about these units.

Wild Orchid also offers a variety of room dividers that are very modern.  We have a good selection of contemporary room dividers. Our selection is very diverse and we are sure that you will find something that appeal to your senses.

Wild Orchid also offers leather room dividers to add texture and color to any room. We offer 3 panel room dividers as well as 4 panel room dividers. Wild Orchid will provide you with all of the different room dividers that you could possibly need in any space. Room dividers are often used in homes for decorative purposes but are also functional in small spaces or spaces where you simply need an added element of privacy such as by the pool, sauna, or spa. Everything you need, and more, can be found here at the Wild Orchid!

Hand Carved Wooden and Metallic Screens, Room Dividers

Hand carved wooden and metallic screens fulfill the space demands of todayís homes. Itís a great way to add privacy to your room in an elegant manner. These handcrafted room dividers also increase the functionality of your room.

Itís common nowadays to divide the space of a room into different sections such as small office and space for music practice or studies. With the help of the hand-carved wooden and metallic screens, you can partition your home space the way you want anytime. For your convenience, these room dividers are made lightweight so that they can be moved from one place to the other easily.

Hand carved room dividers usually come in four-panel and three-panel designs. You can choose them conveniently according to the size of the room and the size of the private space to be created. The three-panel and four-panel wooden and metallic room dividers find their use in bathrooms and places like pool side, sauna or spa where you need some privacy.

If you are ready to spend a few dollars extra, you could carry home some of the most stylish hand-crafted wooden screens such as the Villa Este Wood Room Divider 4 Panel Carved Screen or the Shutter 3 Panel Room Divider Wooden Screen Brown to make your home interior look elegant and stylish. These wooden room dividers are handmade by some of the best artisans in the world.

Among the metallic screen choices, you could find the La Affaire Metal Wood Room Divider 3 Panel Screen and Modern Metal Art Room Divider Floor Screen 3 Panels as the best. Last but not the least, there are leather room dividers like the Safari Leather Wood Room Divider 4 Panel Screen and Picture Frame Leather Room Divider 3 Panel Screen.

Room Screens and Dividers Were Never So Fancy: Have a Look

Screens and dividers are being used since decades to optimize the use of room spaces. These have gained social recognization and acceptance because of their practical and convenient use. As the demand of cheap room dividers is increasing, we are expanding our collection. At the moment, we offer widest and most diversified collection of room divider screens; after all we are known worldwide for offering the decor products of tomorrow fashion.

Most of room divider screens are made of premium quality wood that is seasoned and treated well before use. We offer handcrafted screen that bring more natural look to your rooms. The carving and jail work is so fine that these act as the decor items in the room. Wooden room divider screens with brass ascents are liked by the people who have special passion for the exciting home decor. We offer equally wide range of metallic cheap room dividers. If you want something new and different, browse over contemporary styled screens and dividers. The natural texture and color of our leather room divider screens improve decor feel of any room.

Standards size is 72 inch high and 60 inch wide but it varies according to the model you select. To judge the diversity we offer in room divider screens have a look over La Affaire Metal Wood 3 Panel Screen; Picture Frame Leather 3 Panel Screen; Safari Leather Wood 4 Panel screen; Palace Hand Carved Wood 4 Panel Screen and Antiqued Rub through Leather 4 Panel etc.

Our cheap room dividers are being bought by the people who want extra privacy by the pool, sauna, or spa places also; that is why, we make them environment friendly. All the screens and dividers pass through strict quality control processes. Quality brass hinges keep our cheap room dividers smooth functioning. When you buy room divider screens from Wildorchidquilts, the prominent home decor and furnishing store, you definitely can expect many surprising benefits.

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