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Sofa slip covers – to buy or not to buy?

Most homeowners do not take to the idea of buying sofa slip covers too well. This is probably because the idea of a slip cover appears to be more of a ‘cover up’, especially if the upholstery of sofa or chair in question is old and worn. Even though a slip cover may hide all of these eyesores you know that they still exist. However, once you have finished compiling your quotes for the re-upholstering job at hand, buying sofa slip covers might not look so bad after all! The benefits of using slip covers Buying sofa slip covers are an excellent and inexpensive way of giving your room a fresh new look. What more? They can be made out of any fabric, including those like canvas and denim. Depending on the mood that you would like to set for the room, you can choose the fabric accordingly. Rooms can be given elegant, sophisticated, fun and festive moods thanks to the variety of prints, colours and textures that are available to be made into slip covers. The best part of using slip covers is that they are cheap! Of course this means that you can redecorate according to the seasons or your moods and it won’t really hurt your pocket that much. Sofa slip covers can be in the form of throw slip covers or chair slip covers. Helpful tips if you decide to buy and use sofa slip covers around your home • You can actually rearrange the furniture of all the rooms in the house. It doesn’t matter if the upholstery or the linen of the furniture doesn’t match. Counter that by putting them under matching slip covers • If you are entertaining and you find that your dining table is short of seating, bring out those folding chairs and put them under some chair slip covers to match your dining chairs • Cover up almost any piece of furniture with a slip cover and give it a fresh new look, be it an ottoman or an old hand me down couch • To prevent slip covers from wrinkling, slip it over the furniture when it comes straight out of the dryer
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