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Sparkling Resin Polished Silver Horse

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Sparkling Resin Polished Silver Horse

ITEM #: BRU-844584
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  • This resin silver horse measures 21.5 inch (width) x5 inch (D) x25.5 inch (H)
  • Horse with stand and smooth texture
  • Adorable showpiece

Is your wall unit looking very dull? If it is then you no more need to worry because you can make it look bright very soon with this silver horse which has a glossy tint. This horse has a smooth texture and is in the running posture. This indeed proves to be a perfect showpiece for your dull looking wall unit. Apart from giving a new style to your wall unit, it also gives the message of looking ahead and facing all hurdles coming amidst.

You can keep this shining silver horse at your home or office. You can also keep it on your centre and side tables. If you have friends who love attractive showpieces, you can simply wrap it and present it to them. They will indeed thank you for your selection and immediately use it for decorating their house. In this way this silver horse, is very useful and if you have not yet got one, get one.

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