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SPT-AB-765R Reflexology Foot Massager  - Red

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SPT-AB-765R Reflexology Foot Massager - Red

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Due to the changes in environment, combined with increased pace of today's lifestyle, many face the challenges of pressure, mental tension and fatigue, resulting in long-standing discomfort. Preventive health care is something that everyone should pay more attention to. The Chinese has long believed that "foot massage" is the best weapon in preventive health care. It helps relieve fatigue, promotes good health and protects overall quality of life. The sole of foot consists of many reflex zones but are usually not stimulated. Through regular massage of stimulating the soles, one can effectively relieve fatigue, ease discomfort and increase overall health. This unit combines traditional massage techniques with modern infrared and heat wave technology. Easy and convenient to use, without any side effects. Use frequently to regulate the body from the inside. Enjoy a deep-kneading massage to relieve stress and improve blood flow - all at the touch of a button.

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