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The Lovely Metal Mannequin by Woodland Import

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The Lovely Metal Mannequin by Woodland Import

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  • Metal mannequin dimensions: 15 inches (W) x 11 inches (D) x 65 inches (H)
  • Mannequin color: Dark green
  • Made from: Metal

Are you looking for a mannequin whose real purpose is different from what a mannequin?s real purpose is? Looking for a mannequin that will double up as a stand for hanging your clothes? Well, this metal mannequin is the product that will help you do just that. With hooks atop its body, you can hang things like your dresses or other clothes on it: the main advantage being that it will not give the feel of ordinary hooks; it will present these hooks in the guise of a mannequin.

This product has been made from quality materials. This ensures that it will stand the test of time, serving you for years to come. A perfect gifting item for your beloved wife, this mannequin will certainly impress the females. With a beautiful stand and dark green in color?this is definitely the mannequin to gift or to buy for yourself.

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