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Trunks Décor and Buying Guide

Looking for classic leather trunks for storage needs? At online stores you can find the vintage leather trunks featuring metal footlockers for added safety and esthetics. The storage trunks are good home décor as well. The Trunks Décor and Buying Guide helps you find some of the best online collections of wood leather trunks with metallic adornment.

Traditional storage trunks are mostly made of wood and leather. Look for the classic leather N wood boxes, Paris black leather N wood boxes, Cheshire leather N wood storage trunks and more.


Storage trunks should be chosen considering their storage purpose. If you want to use them to store curtains and bedding accessories, choose the spacious boxes in square or rectangular shape.

If you want to buy a treasure chest for your bedroom, kitchen or store rooms, you can select the cylindrical storage boxes like the Set/4 Round Trunks Classic Leather N Wood Boxes. The advantage of buying these boxes is that you can store different varieties of items in differently sized boxes.

Trunk boxes like the above are made of treated wood and faux leather and comes with lid on the top. These boxes will also add to your antique collection and complement other furnishing in your home.

It’s important to choose the best quality products for storage. The storage trunks should be airtight so that the items stored in them remain protected from moisture, light and insects.

Lastly, they should also add some creative tint in your room. For example, the storage trunks like the Set/2 Master Design Metal Classic Storage Trunks featuring antique hardware on it will serve their purpose as beautiful home décor well.

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