Weather Vanes Functional, Fashionable, and Fabulous

Wild Orchid has some very interesting twists on the traditional weather vane design with a rooster on top. The innovative designs have of course, been inspired by the philosophy that even the most functional piece of apparatus can be made to look fashionable and fantastic. Thus, from the Wild Orchid stable come weather vanes with a fireman in action wielding his hose, a country doctor on his way to work in a charming horse-drawn carriage, a golfer finishing off his flourishing swing, a galloping horse, a pair of geese in flight, and a hummingbird daintily sipping nectar from a flower. There are other eclectic designs like a chopper motorcycle, a yacht, a racing car, a biplane, and a wine bottle to suit varied tastes and diverse decors. Not only are these objects and figures intricately carved on the vane to impart a life-like feel, but the vanes are themselves built sturdily to withstand the vagaries of weather and retain their beauty for years on end. Have one up on your roof and let its quirkiness and decorative appeal impart your house with a character of its own.
  • Nice Quilt, Love it will buy again.

    - Cynthia, Florida

  • Great vendor, good quality.

    - Heather, California