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White & Globular Ceramic Dog artifact

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White & Globular Ceramic Dog artifact

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  • This round body shaped dog measures 6.7 inch (W) ?4.73 inch (D) ?8.08 inch (H)
  • Milky White color in appearance
  • It can be an ideal gift

This ceramic artifact is milky white in color. It has a shiny surface which reflects its smoothness. It?s a round small ceramic dog with its unique features. It has small ears upward and is sitting on its hind legs. It is seen clearly that there is a belt like carving around its neck. It gives the appearance that it is a domesticated dog. It has its face similar to pug dogs. Its carving shows skin like folding which makes it clear that it?s a pug like dog.

It can be placed anywhere in the house. It small in size thus easy to maintain. With time as per your choice you can change its place as it is light in weight. It can be the ideal gift for most of the occasion. Keep it near your couch or round table. People visiting you can enjoy its beauty and ambience will be filled with joy and happiness.

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