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Delightful Wild Life Statues for your Garden

Do you like pottering around in your garden? Do you feel that your house isn’t complete unless the garden looks great too? Then what you need to make your garden stand out is some great wild life statues to place around your garden. Wild Orchid, the online home decor company has a fascinating collection of wild life statues. Their bird collection includes a pair of cranes in aluminum, flamingoes, toucans, owls, seagulls, and parrots. They also have a quirky piece of birds sitting on a tree stump.

Their animal collection consists of a ceramic Fudog, a bear, and dogs. They have an extensive collection of strange and interesting frog statues. Beautiful butterflies and dragonflies are part of their insect collection. They have a variety of turtles, snails, crocodiles, and squirrels in their collection. Make your garden vibrant with a few unusual wildlife statues scattered around.

42" Aluminum Crane Pair Metal Sculpture Garden Decor Statue Brand Woodland
Poly Stone Crocodile Garden Decorative Statue in Bronze finish Brand Woodland
Solid Resin Birds Statue Sculpture Garden Decor in Multicolor Brand Woodland
Poly Stone Birds on Tree Stump Garden Decor Statue Sculpture Brand Woodland
Double Garden Heron Wall Plaque Designer Class Wall Decor Brand SPI-HOME
Acrobatic Garden Frog Garden Statue That Attracts One And All Brand SPI-HOME
Attractive & Elegant Metal Bird with Artistic Styling - Set of 2 Brand Woodland
Dancing Frog Trio With Three Frogs Making The Decor Aquatic Brand SPI-HOME
Crane Planter Holder With Gorgeous Crane That Makes It Special Brand SPI-HOME
Lazy Frog Prince Bird Feeder Appreciated By All The Visitors Brand SPI-HOME
Leaping Garden Frog To Entertain The Visitors With Unique Design Brand SPI-HOME
Bunny Lovers On Bench Reflects Different Garden Decor Theme Brand SPI-HOME
Frog Lovers Garden Sculpture Reflects Different Sense Of Garden Decor Brand SPI-HOME
American Folk Art Trio (Chicken, Pig, Cow) Unique Table Decor Brand SPI-HOME
Metal Crane Decor - Whimsical Metal Cranes With Gazing Ball - Set of 2 Brand Woodland
Playful Outdoor Garden Flamingo Sculpture Set With Vibrant Colors Brand Woodland
Antique Garden Hen Or Rooster From Heavy Polystone Cast Brand Woodland
Assorted Kitchen Rooster Farm Fresh Sign From Polystone Cast Brand Woodland
Dragonfly Sundial Unique Garden Statue That Makes Your Space Special Brand SPI-HOME
Attractive Poly Stone Frog On Mushroom with Welcome Sign Brand Woodland
Fiber Glass Garden Bird with Antique Appearance (Set of 2) Brand Woodland
20" H Aesthetically Designed Metal Owl with Unique Pattern Brand Woodland
20" H Modern Ceramic Frog with Rustic and Antique Finish Brand Woodland
16"H Ceramic Frog with Weathered Painting and Rustic Finish Brand Woodland
14"H Ceramic Fish with Stylishly Design Striking and Urban Look Brand Woodland
11"H Antique Ceramic Fish with Gorgeous Contemporary Design Brand Woodland
13"H Ceramic Peacock in Beautiful Aqua Blue Color (Set of 2) Brand Woodland
  • Nice Quilt, Love it will buy again.

    - Cynthia, Florida

  • Great vendor, good quality.

    - Heather, California