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Explore to buy our unique wind chimes made with various materials such natural like coconut shells, seashells, and stalks of bamboo, and made with ceramic, wood and more to add a relaxing, calm feel to your indoor space, outdoor space or patio.
Capiz Shells Wind chime Luminous Shell Wind Chime 20x5 - 40304 by Benzara
Capiz Shells Wind chime colorful Tinted Wind Chime 22x5 - 40303 by Benzara
Elephant Wind Chimes Unique Garden Or Patiodecor - 26717 by Benzara
Butterfly Wind Chimes With Naturaldecor Blend - 26715 by Benzara
Metal Wind Sun Face Chime In Golden Finish With Fine Detailing - 26543 by Benzara
Dolphin Wind Chime Tuned Perfectly For Melodious Sound Brand SPI-HOME
Turtle Wind Chime To Decor Garden or indoor spaces With Musical Blend Brand SPI-HOME
Capiz Shells Wind chime Aqua Tinted Wind Chime 26x6 - 40316 by Benzara
Sun Face Metal Wind Chimes Gardendecor With 5 Metallic Bells - 26692 by Benzara
Beautifully Crafted High Quality Metal Wind Chime Hanger - 26728 by Benzara
Welcome Wind Chime With Metal Design Rust Resistant - 26748 by Benzara
Metal Welcome Wind Chimes With Gangling Metal Hearts And Bells - 26753 by Benzara
Durable And Rustproof Metal Sun Wind Chime Sun Design - 26756 by Benzara
Metal Buddha Wind Chime With Mix Of Art And Spirituality - 26757 by Benzara
Durable Metal Wind Chime With An Elephant Themed Design - 26758 by Benzara
Rust Resistant Metal Heart Wind Chime With Artistic Design - 26759 by Benzara
Attractive Metal Frame Wind Chime With Circular Design - 26760 by Benzara
Metal Wind Chime With Great Eclectic Design With Abstract Design - 26761 by Benzara
21"H Delightful Wind Chime with Adorable Small Heart Inside by Benzara
Metal Expertly Crafted Rooster Wind Chime With Conical Bells - 26779 by Benzara
Metal Frog Wind Chime With Copper Finished Design - 26781 by Benzara
Metal Turtle Wind Chime With Exquisite Design In Copper Finished - 26782 by Benzara
Metal Owl Wind Chime Natural Style With 5 Bells In Colored Beads - 26783 by Benzara
Metal Owl Wind Chime Golden Wire Detailing In Colored Beads - 26784 by Benzara
Metal Butterfly Wind Chime In Attractive Antique Brass Finish - 26785 by Benzara
Metal Dragonfly Wind Chime Assembled With 5 Hanging Bells - 26786 by Benzara
Metal Bird Wind Chime Elegant Designs With 5 Hanging Bells - 26787 by Benzara
Metal Owl Wind Chime With 5 Owls Hanging On Chain And 1 On Top - 26788 by Benzara
Village Wrought Iron TC-S Triangle Chime
Triangle Chime
Psychedelic Metal Elephant Wind Chime - 27372
Variegated Metal Celestial Wind Chime - 27376 by Benzara
Kaleidoscopic Metal Elephant Wind Chime - 27374 by Benzara
Intimidating Metal Dragonfly Wind Chime - 27360 by Benzara
Harlequin Metal Rooster Wind Chime - 27373 by Benzara
Stupefying Metal Butterfly Wind Chime - 27361 by Benzara
Angelic Metal Butterfly Wind Chime - 27359 by Benzara
Prismatic Metal Rooster Wind Chime - 27375 by Benzara
Impressive Metal Butterfly Wind Chime - 27371 by Benzara
Benzara 33973 Cast Iron Wind Chime, Gray - 33973 by BENZARA
Attractive Rustic Metal Wind Chime With A Cross Designs by Benzara
Heavenly Glass Metal Wind Chime 2 Assorted by Benzara
Metal Star Windchimes, 8" W, 24" H by BENZARA
Charming Ceramic Metal Wood Frog Windchime by Benzara
Adorable Metal Fish Windchime by Benzara
Attractive Metal Star Windchime by Benzara
Chic Metal Windchime by Benzara
Striking Metal Star Windchime by Benzara
Appealing Metal Sun Windchim 3 Assorted by Benzara
Dazzling Metal Elephant Windchime 3 Assorted by Benzara
Classy Ceramic Metal Wood Fish Windchime by Benzara
Modish Metal Sun Windchime by Benzara
Surprising Metal Windchime by Benzara
Captivating Wood Bamboo Palm Tree Chime by Benzara
Cool Metal Owl Windchime 3 Assorted by Benzara
Beautiful Wood Bamboo Sandal Chime by Benzara
Charming Metal Bird Windchime 3 Assorted by Benzara
Eye-catching Metal Sun Windchime 3 Assorted by Benzara
Stylish Metal Star Windchime by Benzara
Trendy Metal Heart Windchime by Benzara
Amiable Metal Windchime 3 Assorted by Benzara
Fascinating Ceramic Metal Wood Bird Windchime by Benzara
Fashionable Metal Heart Windchime by Benzara
Amazing Metal Windchime by Benzara
Intriguing Ceramic Metal Wood Rooster Windchime by Benzara
Trendy Metal Welcome Windchime by Benzara
Charming Wood Bamboo Lighthouse Chime by Benzara
Exclusive Ceramic Wood Fish Hanging by Benzara
Inspiring Ceramic Metal Wood Bunny Windchime by Benzara
Impressive Ceramic Metal Wood Owl Windchime by Benzara
Alluring Metal Elephant Windchime 3 Assorted by Benzara
lite Ceramic Wood Fish Hanging by Benzara
Endearing Metal Turtle Windchime by Benzara
Appealing Metal Dragonfly Windchime by Benzara
Excellent Metal Windchime by Benzara
Fashionable Metal Heart Set of 3 by Benzara
Mesmerizing Metal Sun Windchime Solar by Benzara
Charming Metal Butterfly Windchime by Benzara
Sun Face Wind Chime With Five Small Bells
Hanging Sun Face Wind Chime For Melodious Sound
Elegant Curves Designed Metal Bead Wind Chime With Colorful Beads
Durable Rustproof Metal Heart Wind Chime With A Design Of Hearts
Large Pinecone Wind Chime With Melodious Sound Brand SPI-HOME
Jellyfish Small Glass Windchime
Cannon MCC350 Large Round Wood Top Wind Chime
Attractive Wall Hanger Metal Owl Wind Chime With Artistic Design
Durable High Quality Metal Hen Wind Chime With Elegant Curves
Long Lasting Metal Horse Wind Chime With Fascinating Design
Lightweight And Crafted With Quality Metal Bird Wind Chime
Durable Rustproof Metal Wind Chime With Bull Head Design
Scintillating Metal Glass Wind Chime
Alluring Metal Glass Wind Chime
Attractive Shell Wind Chime
Fabulous Shell Wind Chime
Marvelous Coconut Shell Wind Chime
Metal Glass Windchime 5" W, 41" H
Rustproof Metal Cow Wind Chime Cow Shaped With Attractive Design
Mtl Heart Windchimes, 15-Inch W, 26-Inch H
Carson Home Accents 30" Solar Sonnet Chime, Angels' Arms
Mother Sonnet Windchime
Metal Captivatingly Crafted Wind Chime With Sculpted Sun Face
Metallic Bell Wind Chime With Unique Pattern Design
Twin Heart Shape Designed Metal Welcome Wind Chime
Rustproof And Durable Beautiful Metal Moon Star Wind Chime
Rustproof Metal Crafted Cute Wind Chime With A Cat Design
Striking Metal Bead Wind Chime
Amazing Shell Wood Wind Chime
Incredible Rattan Shell Wind Chime
Captivating Metal Sun Face Wind Chime With Optimum Chain Link
  • Nice Quilt, Love it will buy again.

    - Cynthia, Florida

  • Great vendor, good quality.

    - Heather, California