Wine racks with alternative and quirky designs

Originally designed for practical use, wine racks have become more and more of a kitchen feature in recent years. This striking and distinctive selection of wine racks really does promise to impress. Whether you are looking for a ‘show-feature’, a practical storage product or a combination of both, this wonderful selection will have the wine rack that’s perfect for you. Why not jazz up your kitchen with a high heel wine holder? Alternatively, why not give a bit of zest to your home by adding a piano wine rack? Rest assured, if you have thought of it, this range will have it. What is the perfect product for someone who likes wine and playing golf? A golf box wine rack, of course. On the other hand, if you would prefer a more traditional design, then this range also has plenty. Unique, classy and made with the consumer in mind, it doesn’t come much better than this diverse range of wine racks.
Wood Wine Crate Suitable For Your Home Bar - 51662 by Benzara
Wine Bottle Shaped Wine Rack Stand With 4 Slots - 55978 by Benzara
Western 6 Bottles Horse Shoe Metal Wine Rack Crafted with Lines - 50039 by Benzara
Metal Table Wine Holder, Nut Design, 10 Inch x 10 Inch by Benzara
Metal Wine Rack Bold Style Statement - 54404 by Benzara
Classic Table Top Wood Metal Wine Holder - 55846 by Benzara
Sheet Metal Wine Holder - 63341 by Benzara
Sheet Metal Wine Holder - 63342 by Benzara
Sheet Metal Wood Wine Rack - 63343 by Benzara
Wine Rack For Six Bottles With Space Saving Design - 34885 by Benzara
Style Wood Wine Crate Crafted From Solid Wood - Set of 2 - 50219 by Benzara
4D Concepts Trendy and Wonderfully Designed Wine Stand
Augsburg Old Country Wine Rack, Antiqued Wonderful Stand
Remscheid Wine Rack, Exquisitely Etched Sturdy Utility Stand
Beautiful Piece of Adriano Wall-Mount Wine Storage
Magnificent Piece of 24-Bottle Beech Wine Rack by Winsome Woods
Impressive Piece of 28-Bottle Wine Rack by Winsome Woods
Classy 24-Bottle Vinny Wine Rack with Glass Hanger by Winsome Woods
Kingston Modular "X" Cube Classy Wine Bottle Holder by Winsome Woods
Lustrous Wooden Kingston 20 Bottle Stackable Removable Tray Wine Cube by Winsome Woods
Attractive Wine Storage With Fantastic Mirror Top by Winsome Woods
Exquisite and Elegant Wine Rack by Winsome Woods
Authentic Wooden 8-Bottle Wine Rack with Oval Shaped Top by Winsome Woods
Mesmerizing Crisscross Wine Storage Butler by Winsome Woods
Antique & Spacious Silvi 30 Bottle 6-Tier Wine Rack by Winsome Woods
Oceanstar 12-Bottle Dark Espresso Bamboo Wine Rack
Oceanstar 18-Bottle Stackable Home Bar Decor Bamboo Wine Rack
The Lovely Metal Wine Basket 3 Assorted - 34955 by Benzara
The Rustic Metal Wine Holder 3 Assorted - 34928 by Benzara
Fascinating Contemporary Styled Leather Wine Holder 3 Assorted By Import - 23677 by Benzara
2664275 Butler Broadway Modern Bar Cabinet
2664280 Butler Broadway Modern Bar Cabinet
Butler Highland Solid Wood Folding Wine Rack
Clybourn Iron Wine Rack 20"W by Butler Specialty
Gatsby Contemporary Bar Cart 25"W by Butler Specialty
Gatsby Antique Brass Bar Cart 25"W by Butler Specialty
Appealing Crystal Clear Acrylic Wine Bottle Stand by Butler Specialty
Beautiful Styled Modern Wine Rack by Butler Specialty
Fascinating Styled Unique Wine Bucket by Butler Specialty
Riddling 24-Bottle Rack - Weathered Oak by Southern Enterprises
Riddling 36-Bottle Rack - Weathered Oak by Southern Enterprises
Exclusively Designed Wood Wine Caddy - 48537 by Benzara
Antique Bronze Colored Resin Pheasant Wine Bottle Holder by SPI-HOME
SPI HOME Cast Iron Shell Single Wine Bottle Holder
SPI HOME Duck Figurine Single Wine Bottle Holder
Sculpted Antler Wine Bottle Holder for Single Bottle by SPI-HOME
Sculpted Banana Leaf Single Wine Bottle HolderSculptureCrafted Peacock Figurine by SPI-HOME
Silver Colored Seahorse Single Wine Bottle Holder by SPI-HOME
Man Laying Wine Holder Cast Iron by Danya B
Two Men Carrying a Bottle Metal Wine Holder by Danya B
Silvano Wine Rack 5x5 with Removable Tray, Dark Bronze
Bordeaux Modular Wine Cabinet 20-Bottle Shelf
Rio Wine Rack, 24-Bottle, Glass Hanger
Bordeaux Modular Wine Cabinet X Panel
Bordeaux Modular Wine Cabinet 25-Bottle Slot
Zillah Wine Cabinet with Removable Tray
Cappuccino Wine Rack For 16 Bottles
Appealingly Styled Wine Rack
Adorably Styled Wine Cabinet
Captivating CKI Mandalay Wine Cart
Enthralling Menai 2 Bottle Wine Holder
Drummond Wine Bottle Holder
Wonderful Wood Bottle Crate
Superb Wood Bottle Crate - Crimson Red
Superb Wood Bottle Crate - Cadet Blue
Marvelous Wood Bottle Crate
Brisbane Wall Mount Wine Rack
Campania Wall Mount Wine Storage
Botella Wall Mount Wine Rack
Shadowbox Wine/Bar Cabinet
Florenz Wall Mount Wine Rack Sculpture
Calabria Wall Mount Wine Rack
Navarra Wall Mount Wine Rack
Marco Wall Mount Wine Storage Unit
Celtic Wine Rotunda - Gunmetal Gray
Wine Storage Wall Sculpture
Meira 2-Drawer Mobile Wine Cabinet
Leonna X-Shelf Multi Space Wine Rack
Amina Double Glass Cabinet Cappuccino Wine Buffet
Rosebella Sliding Glass Door Wine Rack Cabinet
WR-76-M Leaf - Wine Rack
WRC-B-121 Fleur-de-lis - Wine Holder
Letter L Large
WR-76-L Leaf - Wine Rack
Fleur-de-lis - Wine Holder
Pinecone - Wine Holder
WR-157-S Grapevine - Wine Rack
Grapevine - Wine Rack
Grapevine Wine Rack - Wall Mount Medium
Star - Table Top Pillar Candle Holder
Grapevine Wine Rack - Wall Mount Extra Small
Dragonfly - Marble Garden Stake
Grapevine Design - Wine Holder
Moose - Wine Holder
Grapevine Wine Rack - Wall Mount Extra Extra Small
Leaf - Wine Rack
Star - Wine Caddy
Moose - Wine Caddy
Fleur-de-lis - Wine Caddy
Heart - Wine Caddy
Grapevine Wine Rack - Wall Mount Small
Buffalo - Wine Caddy
Trees - Wine Caddy
Butterfly - Wine Caddy
Dragonfly - Wine Caddy
Pinecone - Wine Caddy
Grapevine Design - Wine Holder
Loon - Wine Caddy
Grapevine - Wine Caddy
Bear - Wine Caddy
Conventional Schultz Rolling Wine Trunk
Horizontal Triple Stave Wood and Iron Rustic 4 Bottle Wall Mount Wine Holde
Stylish Metal Wood Wine Rack Cart - 48673 by Benzara
Amazing Wine Rack
Attractive 2 Tier Shelf With Wine Rack
Novel Wine Holder - Farmer
Contemporary Wine Holder - Waiter
Fashionable Wine Holder- Chef & Waiter Polyresin
Modern Wine Holder - Chef
Exclusive Wine Holder - Chef
Stylish Chef Wine Holder Polyresin
Elite Wine Holder - Waiter
Sturdy Wine Holder - 5 Barrel - Polyresin
DanyaB Silver Elecroplated Single Bottle Wine Holder
DanyaB Copper Electroplated 8 Bottle Wine Rack
DanyaB Copper Elecroplated Single Bottle Wine Holder
DanyaB Round Four Bottle Wine Holder - Acacia Wood with Bark
DanyaB Antique Silver Electroplated 6 Bottle Wine Rack
DanyaB Four Bottle Floating Wine Holder with Bark
DanyaB Sparkling Gold 9 Bottle Wine Rack
DanyaB Stackable Three Bottle Wine Holder Log - Acacia Wood with Bark
Voguish Wine Holder
Ancona 3-Pc Modular Wine Cabinet Set - 92367 by Winsome Wood
Bordeaux 3-Pc Modular Wine Cabinet Set with Tempered Glass Doors - 92359 by Winsome Wood
Prosaic Styled Wine Holder, Silver - 98143 by Benzara
Rhombus Shaped Metallic Wood Wine Rack - 47963 by Benzara
Vintage Style Rustic Metal Crate Wine Bottle Holder - 98144 by Benzara
Wood Wine Holder With Acrylic Handle - 84208 by Benzara
Debilitated Metal Wood Wine Holder, Silver And Brown - 98142 by Benzara
Powerful Metal Galvanised Wine Holder - 70564 by Benzara
Wine Holder In Rustic Finish - 85239 by Benzara
Abe Metal Wine Holder - 70563 by Benzara
Metal Wine Rack, Natural Wood - 22631 by Benzara
Elegantly Styled Metal Acrylic Wine Holder, Golden - 84376 by Benzara
Rectangular Shape Metallic Acrylic Wine Holder - 84379 by Benzara
Divergent Metal Acrylic Wine Holder - 84381 by Benzara
Wood Wine Holder With 6 Sections, Brown - 98147 by Benzara
Fancy Metal Acrylic Wine Holder - 84382 by Benzara
Robust Metal Wood Wine Holder - 22644 by Benzara
Winsome Wood Metal Wine Rack - 22630 by Benzara
Surfing Board Wall Wine Rack 8"W, 38"H - 84228 by Benzara
Wooden Crate Wine Holder - 98166 by Benzara
Wood Wine Holder Vintage Inspired - 84207 by Benzara
Wood Impressive Wine Holder - 84271 by Benzara
Arrow Shaped Wood Metal Wine Holder - 84311 by Benzara
Rectangular Wood Wine Holder - 84278 by Benzara
Snappy Metal Acrylic Wine Holder - 84383 by Benzara
Botanical Leaf Wine Rack, Multi-Color - 36714 by Benzara
Wall Mount Wine Holder - 84377 by Benzara
Lavishly Styled Metal Acrylic Wine Holder - 84380 by Benzara
Durable Wine Rack - Benzara
Remarkable - Tier Wine Rack - Benzara
Trendy Wine Stand - Benzara
Engaging Wine Rack - Benzara
Fashionable Wine Stand - Benzara
Durable Wooden Wine Rack with 1- Door - Benzara
Stylish Wine Rack - Benzara
Appealing Bottle Holder decor - Benzara
Brixton II Industrial Wine Cabinet With Foldable Table, Antique Black
Michelle Wine Rack with Glass Hanger by Winsome Wood
Alta Wine Cabinet by Winsome Wood
Marlo Wine Rack 24-Bottle by Winsome Wood
Bonnay Wine Cabinet by Winsome Wood
Yukon Wine Cabinet by Winsome Wood
4793-948W Tuscan Retreat ? Wine Console/Storage Unit by Hillsdale
14915 Classy Metal Wine Holder by Benzara
Amazing Metal Whale Wine Holder by Benzara
Excellent Metal Wine Holder by Benzara
Classic Metal Wood Wine Rack by Benzara
14914 Chic Metal Wine Holder by Benzara
Unique Metal Wood Wine Holder by Benzara
Functional Wood Wine Rack by Benzara
Metal Wine Holder 14"W, 18"H by Benzara
Marvelous Garrett Wine Bottle Holder
Wine Rack With 7 Bottles Hold Of Standard Size
Wall Wood Metal Wine Rack
Vintage Portable Wine Bottle Case With French Style
Modern Tree Branch Wine Rack With 6 Horizontal Slots
Fantastic Wood Metal Wall Wine Holder
Contemporary Shoe Wine Holder With Stiletto Design
Animal Print Shoe Wine Holder With Attractive Stiletto Design
Unique Chalkboard And Wood Wine Rack With 4 Slots
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