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ART AVDirect

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ART AVDirect

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  • 11.4(L) X 5.6 (W) X 1.3(H) Inch
  • Here's the scenario. There's an open XLR input on your mixer/interface/whatever. Buuuut, you've got a piece of gear without the balanced XLR output to make the connection. You need a direct box. In fact, you need the super-affordable AVDirect from ART. This thing does the job, period. With its stereo RCA, ??" TRS and ?" TRS line-level inputs, you'll have the connections you need to connect practically anything you own. Laptop? iPod? DVD player? The ART AVDirect can handle practically any input connection and output level ?? even amplified speaker outputs. Who knows what piece of gear you'll want to patch in? But with the ART AVDirect in the bag you'll be good to go. Get yours!
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